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    Nasca accuses Heumac of sorcery, and tricks Mahoutec into into leading his army in a surprise attack on the Toltec camp. Tozo faces great danger in the temple, and Empress Chimalma is forced to spend a terrifying night in the Chamber Of Screams, a torture chamber in which the screams of a colony of bats that live there are magnified a hundred fold by the architecture.
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    Chimalma paralyzed is carried away. Heumac protests his innocence and says Nasca poisoned her as he did Tozo.
    Heumac tells Mahoutec of the secret passages that run through the palace, devised by Nasca so he can go unobserved anywhere he pleases. Mahoutec disbelieves this, but Heumac takes Mahoutec to the stone wall through which he entered the passageways earlier to rescue Tozo.
    H " you pull on the lever, and the wall opens, I will show you. It is how Nasca entered the temple to kill Kukulkan"
    N ' so now Toltec you accuse me of murdering Kukulkan "
    Heumac presses the lever but nothing happens, because Shadak is in the passage, using his mighty strength to push against the slab to prevent it opening.
    Mahoutec. " I have seen enough, take Heumac away"
    Chimalma is laid out in the throne room, totally paralyzed, but cognitive,aware.
    Mahoutec promises her that he will now attack the Toltec army camped outside the city, hopefully it will restore her to health. Heumac is imprisoned in a cell.
    Mahoutec leads the attack, and claims victory, half the Toltec army is killed, the rest captured for sacrifice.
    While left alone in the throne room, Chimalma lies helpless, Tozo creeps in and tells her he will find the ointment that can cure her,he leaves, back through the secret entrance here in the throne room.
    Tozo creeps into Nasca 's secret chamber,and sees the phial containing the ointment cure, he pours it into another phial, and substitutes another mixture in the original phial.
    He hides as Nasca and Shadak enter, Nasca holds a chart of the heavens.
    N " the sacrifices tomorrow must be timed exactly I must study this chart Shadak. Bring the ointment, a pity about Chimalma but she must die"
    In the throne room, Nasca taunts Chimalma,
    N " forgive me empress, but Teshcata demands total loyalty and you ignored my advice"
    He throws the phial on the fire,
    N " with this action I condemn you to death Empress"
    When Nasca leaves Tozo appears and administers the correct cure, rubbing it into Chimalma 's neck.
    Mahoutec returns triumphant, and Nasca calls a meeting of the council with Mahoutec present.
    N " Mahoutec our great warrior has led us to victory, the Toltec army is defeated, tomorrow and for three days, sacrifices will be made to Teshcata to destroy Qala, the false god forever and his followers"
    " NO NASCA"
    Chimalma enters, well again.
    Ch " this day has stained our people forever, we are dishonoured , Mahoutec you are stripped of rank, and banished. Nasca , you and Shadak will be bound over to Heumac, he will punish you as he sees fit. Now guards,arrest those I have named"
    The guards don't move.
    Ch " do as I say"
    N " I see Heumac's enchantment has worn off"
    Ch " there was no enchantment, you poisoned me Nasca, see my neck my councillors where the poison entered"
    N " empress I am glad you are well, but it is obvious what has happened. Heumac in trying to save his army, attacked your body with enchantments, when that failed he took away your sanity"
    Ch " I am not mad"
    N" Mahoutec leads your army to a great victory and yet you banish him, is this the work of a sane mind?"
    Ch " Mahoutec you once told me of your doubts regarding Nasca, you were right"
    M " my men fought hard for you, and yet you talk of dishonour"
    Ch " I am NOT MAD"
    N." we can prove this one way or another. You must spend a night in the chamber of screams"
    Ch " no! Tozo run!"
    Tozo runs out pursued by guards. Chimalma is grabbed.
    N " take her away"
    Nasca visits Heumac imprisoned.
    N " tomorrow you will take part in a ceremony Heumac, you will play a role,that of Qala your god?
    H " blasphemy"
    N " Chimalma who you have enchanted into madness will spend the night in the chamber of screams"
    H " what is that?"
    N " the old pyramid of the sun, now empty after Qala was driven out is home to a colony of bats. A trick of sound magnifies their screeching a hundred fold. We place the mad in there. The bats screeching drives the madness out of them as it pierces the ears, or the victim kills themself"
    Chimalma is locked in the chamber, the bats screeching after a few seconds only is deafening, suddenly she realises she isn't alone, a hand covers her mouth.
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