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With the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who (1963) approaching, former Doctors Peter Davison, Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy try to sneak onto the set of the anniversary special


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Peter Davison is a genius for making this. I thought it brilliant, and nice to see the eighties Doctors get to pal around. I understand why they weren't asked back for the special, but I also understand the frustration at Tom being asked back and not them. Still, Tom is widely regarded as "the" fan favorite, and I loved seeing him in Day of the Doctor. And they got a jab at him in their film, so that was nice.

Also, I liked that they got McGann to do a cameo, and they all hide their (scripted) contempt at his steady career. Very funny stuff, indeed.

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In June 2014, Eighth Doctor Paul McGann revealed that production had begun on a sequel to the special. No release date, plot or cast details were offered.

However, in July 2014, Sixth Doctor Colin Baker contradicted McGann's earlier statement by telling Flicks and the City that "All I know is when I last spoke to Peter [Davison] the reaction to Five-ish Doctors has been so positive that we discussed whether it was a good idea to do another one and we agreed that we didn’t want to do one that was a pale imitation of the first. That would be anti-climactic," and that, "We have to come up with a really good idea first. There’s a couple of possibilities floating around, but nothing is set in stone. Clearly doing one about the 51st anniversary isn’t going to be interesting. It’s got to be about something else."

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Colin Baker Audio Interview

The Sixth Doctor himself talks about the current series of Doctor Who and the 50th Anniversary special - the 5ish Doctors. Taken at Long Island Who Convention in 2014 - thanks to Andre Tessier and Ken Deep.