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The Flash (1990) in a flash

The Flash is a popular show currently running on the CW with Grant Gustin starring as the role of Barry Allen a.k.a. the Flash, and John Wesley Shipp as his father Henry Allen. It is well known that actor John Wesley Shipp previously played Barry Allen a.k.a. the Flash on another TV show which lasted one season of 1990 through 1991. If you like the current show but have never seen the older one, this video aims to tell you everything you’d want to know about the original show all in under nine minutes.



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I remember loving the show when it first aired. Sure, it had a lot of faults and strayed pretty far from the comics, but it was so much fun, and at that time, there wasn't anything on for superhero fare. And it was a lot more enjoyable than the next installation of capes on TV, Lois and Clark.