Controversial The Hollywood Nepotism Hall of Shame!

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What, in your opinion, are the most shameful examples of blatant Hollywood nepotism?

And can it ever be fair?

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I saw a terrible film called Ricky and the Flash with Meryl Strep. There was something strangely familiar about the actress Mamie Gummer.


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The Godfather III springs to mind.....

Sofia Coppola

and of course, Nicholas Cage is FF Coppola's nephew too.
Perhaps, but in fairness to Sophia Coppola and her father, the actress who was meant to play the role of Mary Corleone dropped out and Sophia stepped in as a favour to help out. Besides, all three films in the series felt to me like they were more of a product of the Coppola family than of just one member. In any case, I've never had a problem with her in the role and I don't understand all the criticism of her, but I wish I'd never listened to the commentary soundtrack.

I've also never been able to spot Nicholas Cage while watching the film either. I keep getting so engrossed in the film that I forget to keep a watch out for him.

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Lol. Yes, sorry. I didn't mean that Nicholas was in Godfather III; Just wondering - despite liking him as an off the wall actor - if his ascent to fame and a career in Hollywood was another example of the influence of nepotism? :emoji_alien:


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Just wondering - despite liking him as an off the wall actor - if his ascent to fame and a career in Hollywood was another example of the influence of nepotism? :emoji_alien:
To some extent, but I also know that the reason he changed his last name to Cage was so that producers wouldn't immediately cast him on his uncle's name. He wanted to make it on his own merit. Which is commendable in an industry where you can have a career immediately just because you're from a famous family.

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Didn't David O'Selznick's son take over the entire studio? I believe that, even though all of Hollywood thought he was a talentless hack, "Daddy Dearest" handed him the keys to the studio which he promptly killed.

Also, as I recall, two different and highly respected directors quit Gone With the Wind because he was producing it, wanted to see daily's personally and then went back to next day to make them reshoot everything. It may not be an example of nepotism per se' but it is assuredly an example of an ego run amok.

That was the reason the opening credits read "David O'Selznick's Gone With the Wind"..... Because he considered himself to be greater than the film. And yes, he may even have collected every award it won, on stage, for himself (actors & actresses obviously not included).



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I have often wondered if Will Smiths failure to be in Independance day 2 was something to do with his son Jaden.

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Duke Nicholson, the grandson of acting legend Jack Nicholson, has joined the supporting cast of Jordan Peele’s thriller “Us” at Universal Pictures. He joins a cast that includes Lupita Nyong’o, Winston Duke, Elisabeth Moss, and Tim Heidecker. Peele will write and direct the film, whose storyline is under wraps, with the project aiming for a March 15th 2019 release.