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Bob Parr (Mr. Incredible) is left to care for the kids while Helen (Elastigirl) is out saving the world.

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D23: Pixar’s “The Incredibles 2”


Appearing at the D23 expo this weekend, Pixar and Disney Animation chief John Lasseter has confirmed that the upcoming “The Incredibles” sequel will kick off immediately after the events of the first film. He tells IGN:

“It starts right as the first one finishes, so it just carries on. It starts with the Underminer and a big old set piece. You know that at the end of the first movie when he comes up and you see the family dressed as superheroes, well that’s where start this movie.”

Don’t expect Underminer to be the central villain, rather it’s a starting point to help show off the Parr family’s new status as a family of superheroes:

“One of the unique things about the Incredibles is it’s really a story of a family set in the world of superheroes. This one carries on that theme. It’s awesome, the idea we came up with — simple as that… We love to really look at our own lives and look at what’s going on, and find themes that we know will resonate with the audience.”

One key difference is Holly Hunter’s Elastigirl will be the star of the film this time around. She will be doing much of the adventuring while her husband will be home with the baby Jack Jack – a home that is now redesigned to be partially a superhero lair.

There’s been one minor change with Huck Milner taking over the voice of Dash, otherwise all the cast is back including Samuel L. Jackson as Frozone.

A brief clip was shown at D23 in which Jack Jack wanders outdoors after his dad falls asleep and gets into a confrontation with a racoon – leading him to display a new superpower trick of multiplication.

Filmmaker Brad Bird returns to direct and pen the new film which will open in cinemas on June 15th 2018.

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The Incredibles 2
Director: Brad Bird (“Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol,” “The Iron Giant”)
Cast: Craig T. Nelson, Holly Hunter, Samuel L. Jackson, Catherine Keener, Bob Odenkirk
Details: We’ve been subjected to so many sequels from Pixar in recent years, it’s understandable to be tired of them at this point – but “The Incredibles” is an exception. Dubbed both the best Bond & “Fantastic Four” films that aren’t a part of those franchises, Brad Bird’s original superhero family tale often ranks as one of the best features the company has ever produced.

With Bird returning to the fold for the follow-up, which takes place immediately after the events of the 2004 film, there’s plenty of reason to get excited. In the new outing Bob Parr/Mr. Incredible is left to care for baby Jack-Jack while Helen/Elastigirl is out saving the world this time from a villain with a sinister plot. Almost everyone is back from composer Michael Giacchino to the whole voice cast. An exception is Spencer Fox as Dash as the young actor had gone through puberty – resulting in his voice changing. Huck Milner is stepping in to replace him.

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Disney Pictures has unveiled a new sneak peek of Pixar’s “The Incredibles” sequel set to open this Summer.

The film once again follows Mr. Incredible (Craig T. Nelson) and Elastigirl (Holly Hunter) and their children, Violet (Sarah Vowell), Dashiell (Huck Milner) and baby Jack Jack along with Samuel L. Jackson as Mr. Incredible’s oldest friend Frozone. Brad Bird will reprise his role as Edna ‘E’ Mode, who creates super suits for the world’s heroes.

Bob Odenkirk and Catherine Keener star as siblings who run a telecommunications company who would like to help bring superheroes out of hiding and back into the public eye by revamping public perception of them.

“Incredibles 2” opens in cinemas on June 15th.


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“Incredibles 2” Setting Ticket Pre-Sales Record


Disney and Pixar’s animated “The Incredibles” sequel is looking to be a massive hit. The film is reportedly on track to be the top animated pre-seller of all time on Fandango.

In fact it has sold more tickets than 2016’s “Finding Dory,” the current record holder, had at this time in its lifecycle. Brad Bird returns to write and direct the film fourteen years after the original film hit theaters. It is tracking for a $140-million plus debut in North America.

“Incredibles 2” picks up shortly after the events of the first film, and follows the Parr family as Bob Parr/Mr. Incredible adjusts to life as a house husband while his wife Helen/Elastigirl spends her time fighting crime. Eventually the family must team up to fight a new villain called Screenslaver.

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How incredible is Incredibles 2? The critics give their verdicts


Fourteen years on from The Incredibles, a sequel to Pixar's hit animation has arrived - and it's "worth the wait".

That's the verdict of the Hollywood Reporter, which praises its "engaging" characters and "deep supply of wit".

Screen International lauds the film's "kinetic elan", while Forbes called it "funny, thoughtful and thrilling".

Variety, though, says Brad Bird's film - out in the US on Friday and the UK on 13 July - "is not... the great sequel" his 2004 original deserves.

Picking up where the first film left off, Incredibles 2 sees its cartoon clan of clandestine superheroes fight to have "supers" accepted again by society.

This involves Helen Parr going out to fight crime under her "Elastigirl" alter-ego, while husband Bob - aka "Mr Incredible" - stays home and minds the kids.


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We rewatched this the other day, my youngest daughter (now 15) barely remembered it. I kinda feel like it's a mistake to pick up right where the previous movie left off after all these years. So often, that just doesn't work because your audience has moved on.

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Incredibles 2
With “The Incredibles” sequel coming to Blu-ray and DVD on November 6th, Disney has announced that the set will also include a whole new short film titled “Auntie Edna”. The mini-movie will look at Edna Mode’s all-night endeavor to design a suit to best harness baby Jack-Jack’s expanding superpowers whilst babysitting the young lad.

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“Incredibles” Helmer Talks A Live-Action Remake


The billion-dollar success of Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland” film led to Disney giving the green light to a number of live-action film remakes of their animated classics.

So far the plan has been nothing but stellar for the Mouse House, generating multiple massive global hits with two grossing over $1 billion and a further two over $750 million worldwide.

Popular as they are, there are others who are not fans of the trend – one of them being director Brad Bird who helmed Disney’s best film of the year so far with “Incredibles 2”. Bird made his name on animated films with universal acclaim for “The Iron Giant,” “The Incredibles” and “Ratatouille” before jumping to live-action with the franchise revitalising “Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol” and the troubled “Tomorrowland”.

Speaking with Cinema Blend, Bird was asked about the idea of a live-action version of “The Incredibles” and says he thinks it’s unnecessary:

“People have talked about it with Iron Giant, and you can tell any story in any medium. But to me, I thought of Iron Giant as an animated film; I thought of ‘Incredibles’ as an animated film, even though it’s human characters.

You could absolutely tell that story in live-action, but I feel like we’re re-chewing the same food too much. I want something new, and this is not a time where the world is friendly to that. It wants sure things. And so you’re constantly being served the same meals. ‘But this one has a sprig of parsley on it!’ It’s like, ‘No!'”

Bird goes on to say he has no problems with sequels and franchises, but what he wants to see more of is a wholly original idea:

“I love a good sequel as much as anybody else. I’ve made two of them. But I don’t want a whole diet of that. I love seeing James Cameron do Avatar, and come out with something brand new. I love seeing Back To The Future, and not knowing what’s going to happen. So I hope that we move into a time where some sequels are made, but there are a lot more original films on a grand scale. I’d love to see that.”

John Walker, a producer on Bird’s films, says a live-action version of “The Incredibles” just wouldn’t work in the live-action medium:

“I wouldn’t want to see it, no. The style of the film is so embedded in how it’s designed, and how it looks, and how it feels. I just can’t imagine. I just can’t imagine even great actors doing it… In an odd way I think it would be less believable. I think that you buy into those characters in those situations because of the entire package.”

“Incredibles 2” will be available digitally on October 23rd ahead of a Blu-ray, DVD and VOD rental release on November 6th.