Review The Prisoner episode 16-.Once Upon A Time


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This is virtually a two hander between McGoohan and Leo McKern, returning for his second outing as Number 2.
It's last chance saloon time for the Guardians, one final effort to break The Prisoner.
45 of the 50 minutes takes place in the Embryo Room, a chamber underneath the Village where The Prisoner is hypnotized, regressed back to his youth, and interrogated by 2, in the vain hope that if The Prisoner believes himself a child again he might talk.
Slowly he is mentally progressed from.childhood, to young adult, to various stages in his life, and various activities he once undertook, from Olympic boxer, wartime pilot, his first job interview in a bank.
Each phase Number 2 plays his elder, or boss or some authoritarian figure. Will No.6 confide? Why did he resign?
At the end of a week in this chamber only one will survive.