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The Robinsons: Lost in Space (2004)

In late 2003, a new television series, with a somewhat changed format, was in development in the U.S. It originally was intended to be closer to the original pilot with no Smith, but including a robot, had an additional older Robinson child called David, and Penny was an infant. The pilot (titled, "The Robinsons: Lost in Space") was commissioned by The WB Television Network. It was directed by John Woo and produced by Synthesis Entertainment, Irwin Allen Productions, Twentieth Century Fox Television and Regency Television.

The Jupiter 2 interstellar flying-saucer spacecraft of the original series was changed to a non-saucer planet-landing craft, deployed from a larger inter-stellar mothership.

In this adaptation John Robinson was a retiring war hero of an alien invasion and had decided to take his family to another colony elsewhere in space. However the ship is attacked by the aliens, David is lost amidst it all, and the Robinsons, along with Don, are forced to escape in the small Jupiter 2 "Space Pod" of the mothership. The series, presumably, would have revolved around the family trying to recover David from the aliens.

It was not among the network's series pick-ups confirmed later that year.

The producers of the new Battlestar Galactica show bought the show's sets. They were redesigned the next year and used for scenes on the Battlestar Pegasus.

Dick Tufeld once again reprised his role as voice of the robot for the 3rd time, in Lost in Space's 3rd live-action incarnation after the original pilot.

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THE ROBINSONS: LOST IN SPACE Unsold 2004 Pilot Part 1

Unsold pilot for the WB network, produced in 2003 - 2004.

An update of the original "Lost In Space" plot, with some interesting twists.

In part one, the Robinson family prepare to leave Earth for a farming colony on the planet Nova.

Director: John Woo;
Writer: Douglas Petrie;


Jayne Brook... Maureen Robinson;
Mike Erwin... Don West;
Brad Johnson... John Robinson;
Ryan Malgarini... Will Robinson;
Gil McKinney... David Robinson;
Adrianne Palicki... Judy Robinson


In the year 2082, the Earth was invaded by aliens after it was long determine that existence of extra terrestrials was long thought to be science fiction.

Major cities crumbled from the destruction of the beings from beyond the stars.

The invasion came to a halt when Earth's own armed forces led by Col. John Robinson fought off the invaders and thus Earth won the battle which came to be known as "Robinson's Raid".

15 years have passed by and John Robinson attends a ceremony for his retirement from his services in defending the Earth from alien threat.

It was an honoring ceremony, except John's kids aren't that excited about it because John hardly spent that much time with them.

After moving from several different homes due to John's line of work created a gap in between his kids and his occupation.

This dysfunctional family is one of the fewest families chosen to be part of the space program that is heading for a planet called Nova which will become occupied with a new farming colony.

John hopes to make up for all the times he wasn't there with his family only for the space station to be invaded by an unnamed army of reptilian aliens.

The Robinsons and a young military figure named Don West escaped the doom space station, only to find themselves lost in space.

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THE ROBINSONS: LOST IN SPACE Unsold 2004 Pilot Part 2

In part two, the Robinsons are aboard the shuttle that will take them to their new home. While they check out their pod, the Jupiter 2, Judy is pleasantly surprised to find Don West is on board for the trip. Unsold pilot for the WB network, produced in 2003 - 2004. An update of the original "Lost In Space" plot, with some interesting twists.


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THE ROBINSONS: LOST IN SPACE Unsold 2004 Pilot Part 3

In part three, John Robinson reaches out to his son David, and the colonists come under alien attack.


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THE ROBINSONS: LOST IN SPACE Unsold 2004 Pilot Part 4

In part four, Maureen masters the remote control while the strapping Robinson boys are caught hanging around in a corridor.


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THE ROBINSONS: LOST IN SPACE Unsold 2004 Pilot Part 5

In part five, the Robinsons escape the alien attack, but leave a member of the family behind.



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Neither have I! Wonder why? I'll have to watch it sometime soon before the new version turns up on Netflix! But neither will be as great as the original I'm sure!


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The Iron Giant is one of my son's favourite films and I've just found out that the character has been resurrected for a cameo in a new film coming out soon and apparently we are all going to see it!!!!

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Was digging part 1 well enough until Wesley made his own robot.

Part 2. On John Robinson's behalf, ouch. That's a cold rebuke.

Teaching the kid to play catch plays like a cliche but it may be a real thing. My father tried to get me into baseball several times, but it wasn't me. Brought back a memory. It's not a terrible pilot so far but pretty generic. Fanily dysfunction for drama could do with more bonding for balance.

Part 3: "It's the closest any ship's ever gotten to a black hole. Ya know, it's gravity is so strong it sucks up planets. Even light." Hence it;s name. That's why it's so bright and pretty to look at. :emoji_relaxed:

Plot is predictable but moves well. Family is generic but at least more credibly written than the movie. That bunch was obnoxious.

Part 4: make allowances for missing fx.

Grab the gun! It's laying right there! No, don't- oh, they never listen to me!

Part 5:....aaaaaaaand there's the cliffhanger. Wait, we're still going?

Problem with making Penny an infant is that infants aren't characters, they're just plot devices, Penny wan't gonna be getting any eps to herself. No "My Friend, Mister Nobody" for this Penny.

Okay. Honestly, I'd've watched it. Not overwhelming* but amiable and exciting enough. Not the best writing but very little put me off. Spaceship designs weren't bad but I'm not feeling the Jupiter 2 as the J2 yet, and the robot frankly sucks. Filled with temp music score, I recognized Outland and the new Galactica.

Thanks for posting that!

* Huh. 'Overwhelming', 'underwhelming.'...when's the last time anyone's ever said "I'm whelmed"?
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