Controversial The Sages of the Single Season live to fight another day!

Discussion in 'Star Cops' started by Mad-Pac, Feb 11, 2018.

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    It's funny how things take a life of their own sometimes. When our group came to IMDF, it seemed the fertile ground for us to develop the work that is being done since 2011 in the group that, as of the beginning of 2017, was christened SAGES OF THE SINGLE SEASON. We have many years of fun trying to figure out why those shows were cancelled prematurely and how they could've been developed had they met a more fortunate ending.

    The reason why IMDF was chosen was specifically because of a brief but meaningful exchange I had with @Alex Vojacek who showed a very kind and captivating attitude, and really got me excited about coming here. In fact it's a pity I never heard of him again.

    Anyway, we did Kolchak, then Twin Peaks and now would move on to the third show on IMDF. Unfortunately, Twin Peaks exhausted all our strengths and in the end, only @Brimfin and I (@Mad-Pac) remained.

    Then we had a nice surprise. A new influx of people, mostly from the Blake's 7 board showed up and showed interest to add to our contingent. But unfortunately they didn't seem to be interested in the single season factor anymore, which I lamented, but that's life.

    Anyway, an election was made and Blake's 7 won fair and square. I actually watched the pilot and felt excited enough to go on with it, so I'll be posting on the Blake's 7 as well.

    At the last minute, however, I made the decision not to let the idea of the single season shows to die. A couple of friends had told me they would like to continue as well.

    Considering that, I had the idea of taking the second most-voted show and, since it was a single season show, Star Cops was selected as the show to continue the "Sages of the Single Season" saga.

    However, as I thought organizing the Blakes 7 board and the Star Cops board would be too much for me, and, considering that I know nothing about Blake's 7 and everybody else knows a lot and most have seen the episodes several times, I thought a die-hard Blake's 7 fan would be the best person to organize that board, so I asked in good faith Michael to help me with that.

    Unfortunately, a terrible misunderstanding happened. For some reason I won't even try to understand now, Michael thought I was abandoning the Sages of the Single Season altogether, and before I could announce our project here, he beat me to it and has started the board. And seems to be doing a wonderful job from what I see.

    I don't know why this misunderstanding occurred. Perhaps his refusal to hear. Perhaps the fact English is not my native language and my command of the language is far from perfect. I don't know. The fact is, now an awkward situation has been created.

    But I want to continue and revitalize the "Sages of the Single Season" as best as we can.

    I'd like to know what you guys think about it.
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    I think that all of these phrases represent an overly dramatic interpretation of what's been happening.

    The way I see it, everyone else here just wants to chill out and watch the elected shows, plural. Does it matter who starts the threads?

    Why not let's just all be "THE SAGES", with different boards for different shows? As we do them, depending on the whims of the SAGES members at the time? Some will be multi-season epics. for those that want to do multi-season epics. Others, single season shows, for those that want to do single season shows. I think we are also establishing that more than one show - of whatever length - can be watched at a time. So everyone's happy. In theory...

    But do we really need to label these type of SAGES or those type of SAGES?

    I realise that you have been doing this for a long time - and have a set way of doing things...

    But praising Michael's running of the STAR COPS opening thread....

    ... only for you then to start a rival thread to his...

    ...just so that it can have the "THE SAGES OF THE SINGLE SEASON" imprint on it just seems somewhat determined and obstinate and can only confuse matters. All of the information in the rival thread could have been posted by you on Michael's thread, surely?

    After all, does it matter who started the thread; especially as you said yourself that Michael is doing a wonderful job? :emoji_confused:

    So I guess the point I am querying is, why not say "Enough with the BLAKE'S SAGES, enough with the THE SAGES OF THE SINGLE SEASON, and let's just all be THE SAGES, with simply more than one show being reviewed at any one time?

    Otherwise it all gets too divisional or "controversial", as your tag puts it. (Is it really "controversial"? Is it really that dramatic?) We are just watching telly shows, after all.

    Having said all that, I am really happy to be a new member of The Sages and look forward to reviewing many more elected shows, be they epic or short. :emoji_alien:
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    That was exactly what I had in mind. This is why I came up with the idea of two concomitant shows. One long-running, one short. This way everybody would get what they came from. Same way there are forums for different shows and subjects, I was thinking the same could apply for multipke-season shows and for short-lived cancelled one's. The rationale is the same.

    And I'm really sorry if you consider the name SAGES OF THE SINGLE SEASON divisional, something so negative that just be killed immediately. The name was decided democratically and with the best intent we could think of, and *literally* was the name of our group until Saturday. And the name we've been using since we did Kolchak the Night Stalker! And now I'm really surprised that people that never took part of that experience and don't really understand why we chose that name, now cone here to criticize it as something divisive and objectionable.

    It is a bit surreal how we debated and voted and finally chose this name, and It was the name of our TV club so to speak, a name that has a kind and positive history attached to it and now people who have nothing to do with this come and tell me "No, this is not the correct name. Sages of the Single Season is divisive and slightly offensive. The correct term is just Sages or IMDF Sages or what have you." You may not lkje the name, but it means something to me, something I wanted to share with new friends.

    And what's the problem with something being divisive anyway. Forums are *divided* in different titles, categories and subjects because that helps organization in specific areas of interest, so people can find what they want and need. The problem is that the word "divisive" has been appropriated by the political discourse as something negative. So we have the "divisive" candidate, the bad you, and the "unity" candidate, the good guy every candidate claims to be. But there's nothing wrong per we with dividing thinfsvand people in groups. In our case, some people will prefer long shows, and some will prefer short shows and both shoukd be able to find what they want. And people shouldn't be deprived of this choice in the name of a supposed "unity" ideal.

    As for what I said about Michael's work, I said it and repeat it. It's not the quality of Michael's worknthst is in question. The thing is that I asked him a favorite do one thing, and he did that thing... and yet another thing wd had nit talked about. If he had at least *asked* me ("Hey, Mario, I'd like to run the Star Cops board as well because I love this show. Is that OK with you?") at least we would've talked about ig, bug instead, as soon as the board opened hd decided to manage it and them just informed of his decision as a fait accompli.

    As for the "controversial" tag, now you're going to give me a hard time for that as well? Well, we only have so many tags to choose from, so this is not news or a review or a poll, so "controversial" seemed close enough and no, there's no "melodramatic" tag otherwise of course I would've picked that.

    Finally am I too dramatic? Thus reminds me if a comedy I saw a long time ago. The main couple was played by Julie Andrews and Marcello Mastroianni. They were in a very difficult situation, and he was having problems to control himself. As he was about to panic, she looked at him seriously and said, "Really? Can't you be a little more English." I had a good laugh then.

    So, answering the question, no I'm not too dramatic. I'm absolutely average and normal. Just like everyone else here.

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