Review The Worst Witch (2017) - s01e06 - The Best Teacher

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    This episode was just an average episode, though i have to say it was pretty funny. Mildred uses a "bootleg spell" from Enid, and accidentally transforms herself into an old woman. Not wanting the school staff to find out, she poses as a substitute teacher, and ends up making class fun. But Ethel is suspicious.

    The ending of the episode is a complete deus ex machina, but I guess sometimes the solution to a problem comes purely by chance, so it's nice to change things up a bit by having the characters just get lucky in the end.

    Of note is the teacher that was supposed to be the substitute at the time. Mildred (as an old woman) comes across her in the hall, and tricks her into thinking that the position has already been filled, so that Mildred can pose as her. This particular teacher is said to have a reputation for extreme discipline, arguably worse than Miss Hardbroom. I wonder if this character will reappear in a later episode?

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