Review The Worst Witch (2017) - s01e07 - Maud's Big Mistake

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    This episode was quite a surprise. It's very much an "It's a Wonderful Life" type of story, illustrating how circumstances change drastically just by altering a few events, with a different type of twist on the concept.

    Maud, one of the brightest students in the school, fears what her parents will think of some of the mishaps she's had. Taking Enid's advice (why haven't these characters figured out not to do this by now?), she casts a spell to remove the memories of her mishaps from everybody. But this has disastrous consequences. DUe to the fact that most of her mishaps were caused by (or at least involve) Mildred, nobody (not even Mildred herself) even remembers Mildred being friends with Maud. Now Maud has to reverse the spell in order to get her best friend back.

    The ending of this episode is incredibly cheesy, and also calls into question the ethics of Maud's parents (hopefully a concept that will be expanded upon later), but the rest of the episode more than makes up for this. This episode is one of my favorites so far.

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