Fun Three Destructions of Atlantis?


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Who said there were three separate fates?

And when they say Atlantis was destroyed, precisely what do they mean? To what degree?

London was partially destroyed by the great fire in 1666. It was rebuilt.

London was partially destroyed again during the Blitz in WWII. It was rebuilt again.

Why should Atlantis be any different from London?


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I may have this wrong but wasn't the Atlantis of The Underwater Menace already under the sea? The big plan of the villain, Zaroff was to raise it from the sea bed. So The Underwater Menace and Time Monster are not contradictory.

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All good points.

I did read a book once: THE DISCONTINUITY GUIDE, which suggested that somehow the Daemons released Kronos in THE TIME MONSTER. Am just not sure how that squares with what we saw on the telly.

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