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Carrying over from the dearly departing IMDb boards, here is the Official Toonami Thread, originally created by yours truly Wed. May 16, 2012 at 17:35:59 with this message:

The #BringBackToonami campaign worked! (taken down) (no space after html) back-toonami-block-starting-on-may-26

I love that picture of Tom. I can't wait! Toonami's back, bitches! #ToonamisBackBitches

A big thank you to the fans for our undying passion, Richard Branson for his #BringBackToonami and Outlaw Star raps, Steven "Tom" Blum for lighting a fire under fans' asses, and for [adult swim]/Cartoon Network for listening to us.

I don't have a Twitter so I did most of my work using the contact forms on CN and [as]'s websites. But I visited Twitter and's boards and kept up on the latest developments. You guys who went that extra mile truly are impressive.

SPREAD THE WORD! [Party] [Big Grin]

The initial lineup for the revival went something like this:

12:00 Bleach (HD)
12:30 Deadman Wonderland (HD)
1:00 Casshern Sins (HD)
1:30 Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
2:00 Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex: 2nd Gig
2:30 Cowboy Bebop
3:00 - 6:00 The block repeated

The latest lineup looks something like this:

11:30 Dragon Ball Super (HD)
12:00 Dragon Ball Z Kai: Final Chapters (HD 4:3)
12:30 Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (HD)
1:00 Gundam Unicorn (HD)
1:30 Hunter x Hunter (HD)
2:00 Naruto Shippuden (SD, stretched)
2:30 One Piece (HD)
3:00 Ghost in the Shell: SAC (1st Gig) (HD?)


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Here's what my signature looked like back in 2012:

Toonami returns 5.26.12 on [adult swim]. The revolution will be televised.

Here's a few select posts from the thread's history (names of other users withheld):

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Glad I was wrong. I thought April Fools was a one time thing even though they wanted our response. I will be tuning in to CN more than I usually do. I hope they have some good shows.
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Wed May 16 2012 19:56:07
Two of your links didn't work. I thought this was BS.

Great news though.

Revenge is a dish best served cold...
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Bleach will still be in the line up.
FMA Brotherhood too good show but it has been on like 2 times already.
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Fck (sic) yes!
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Damn I wish I still had Cartoon Network

[Long space here]

Long Live My Brothers-

Here's a pretty in-depth post from the first page:

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Sat May 19 2012 19:41:30
I guess I'm just not as optimistic about this as most other people are. Bringing Toonami back the way they are is probably a pretty big risk. You have to take into account that there are people who regularly watch the Adult Swim Action block (I would be one of them). If the programs they watch get replaced with shows that they are less interested in, some are likely to get mad, and might abandon the programming block as a result, and if after the first few weeks of the rebooted Toonami the people brought in by nostalgia for it don't stick around, the anime block might wind up with less viewers than before.

What would make more sense would be to revive Toonami as a daytime programming block, maybe on a weekday afternoon. That way, it could help secure the future viability of airing anime on American television by bringing in new fans to anime as a medium. I don't see this re-branding of the Adult Swim Action block all that helpful in this regard.
And yet here we are almost five years later. :)

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Sun May 20 2012 01:49:19
They're playing mostly reruns anyway, and they're keeping the biggest ratings getter(Bleach). (sic) The only huge change is they may or may not play the openings, which could be a good or bad thing.

I'd love if they bought Toonami back to afternoons in addition too the AS block, but seeing have their nothing new on AS anyway, I'll take it.

Revenge is a dish best served cold...
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Sun May 20 2012 18:12:18

The lack of variation in the schedule is a problem, but one that could have been fixed without Toonami.

and they're keeping the biggest ratings getter(Bleach)So they are keeping the least interesting and engaging show of their current lineup.
And all of this the first page of the thread on IMDb.

I don't think I'm going to archive EVERY SINGLE POST; we're talking 12 pages!


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I haven't been an avid Toonami viewer in a few years, now. I remember when it started, and how for years it was a way for a lot of us to see some really great anime that wasn't readily available here. A couple of years ago, it seemed like they got away from showing good anime, with the exception of Bleach, Cowboy Bebop, and Naruto, and occasionally Trigun or Evangelion. If this is what the current lineup looks like, I might be enticed to get back into it. I'd be happier if One Piece wasn't a part of it, but I guess I can't have everything.


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I agree with you on One Piece. Bleach got a little too confusing for me. It had a really cool action-y arc (the second arc of its Toonami run), but I lost track sometime after Ichigo
and things became confusing.

More from the archives:

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The lack of variation in the schedule is a problem, but one that could have been fixed without Toonami.

Yes, but after all the positive pub and ratings boost they got, they almost had to do something. All they have to do is not screw it up, which is probably easier said than done.
So they are keeping the least interesting and engaging show of their current lineup.

I can't say I disagree with you there. But it still pulls in over 400,000-500,000 viewers on a Saturday night, which is huge for anime, and it's probably the only reason Saturday's not Family Guy night.

My biggest disappointment is they appear to be canceling Kekkaishi and Inuyasha re-runs, which makes me sad, but FLCL and Big O were getting old, so I’m kind of glad to see those go. They still have four slots left on the schedule listed on their website; hopefully it’s a mix of classics and at least one new show. They can do almost anything but bring the block back as is.
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New shows are Casshern Sins and Deadman Wonderland.

Casshern was pretty good, though albeit a little slower paced, especially in the middle.

Deadman Wonderland was violent and gory and will probably be heavily edited and it's only 12 eps, that and it wasn't very good. A weird choice IMHO. If they wanted a newer action sow they should have gone with Fate Zero or Star Driver.
For the record, I loved both shows. Great way to start the Toonami revival.

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Jason DeMarco has spoken on his Twitter.

Fact sheet:

Modest budget.

No classic Toonami just yet. $$$ But trust me, they are looking into thousands of options ATM. Just be patient like I am.

Yes, Steve Blum is retuning as Tom version 3-ish.

No Sara just yet. $$$

Not much advertising/bumping outside of Saturday nights. I guess $$$ again.

Gundam Wing is DeMarco's favorite and he would love to see this "baddass" show come back. I love what I've seen of Gundam so far.

Richie Branson (who did the Toonami, Outlaw Star, and Gundam raps) is willing to contribute music. DeMarco is open to anyone contributing their music, if you can send him your links.

The epic story of April Fool's: DeMarco and Mike Lazzo were throwing around ideas for this year. Lazzo suggested Toonami and the rest is history. [adult swim] didn't know they'd be bringing back Toonami until after April Fool's, the ratings, the response, the Twitter discussions, the #BringBackToonami campaign and Steve Blum's participation in it, etc. None of this was planned in advance; it's all short notice, hence the budget. The only way the old shows aired for April Fool's was because it was a one-off... or so they thought.

Classic Toonami music might pop up, like Deep Space Bass.

No subs. Dubs only. "People change the channel when they see subtitles."

No Moltar. C. Martin Croker is busy voicing Zorak for the revived Cartoon Planet (which also doubles as a revived Cartoon Cartoon Fridays).

Peter Cullen is busy with the current Transformers TV series on The Hub so no epic promos. And no Don LaFontaine, either, as he's passed away.

The "incorrect" schedule was be (sic) revealed to be correct after all. It was originally planned to be shrouded in secrecy. No, not this one!

And two new acquisitions being introduced to Toonami are...

As [username withheld] said above, Casshern Sins and Deadman Wonderland.

No American action shows ATM. No Batman: TAS, Superman, etc. ATM. No Samurai Jack, which is on Boomerang anyway.

For any questions I haven't answered, try weeding your way through DeMarco's tweets, or go to 4942442/message-uid/64942442#U64942442

Make sure you support Toonami by watching it = more money = more shows, CGI, Sara, classic Toonami, more ad time, Total Immersion Events, etc., etc.

Stay gold!

Toonami returns 5.26.12 on [adult swim]. The revolution will be televised.
Man. how far we've come since then. We've gotten nearly all of those in the nearly five years it's been back. Also, RIP C. Martin Croker.

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Hopefully the audience reacts well enough to the new shows that they stick around after the first week. People going into this expecting the sort of lineup that we saw on April Fools day will probably be disappointed with the scheduled lineup.
Here's the lineup from the now-legendary April Fool's 2012 broadcast, in case anyone forgot:

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[In reply to a deleted post] ^ Not really, but you can almost argue that toonami (sic) created adult swim. They started toomami (sic) midnight run back in 1999 because of anime that was too mature for the day time block, which later gave birth to AS in 2001.

This toonami reboot is an attempt for the station to return to their glory days along with their cartoon planet block on Fridays. And I have to say, I love it so far.

PS: If you have a provider that gives you the west coast feed of CN, you can watch Bebop at 7:30am.
The original thread title was Toonami is back!!! May 26, 2012 on [adult swim]. I would change the title to Official Toonami Thread and then put in parantheses any new updates. Also, one must also credit Space Ghost: Coast to Coast for spawning Adult Swim.

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Lack of mecha shows is disappointing, but I will be tuning in for 'Casshern Sins' and 'Ghost in the Shell: SAC' tonight.
So that's selections from the first four pages, archived for posterity. I'm archiving only the most important/interesting/historical ones.


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I don't think I'm going to archive EVERY SINGLE POST; we're talking 12 pages!
Actually, it's a staggering 21 pages! I'm archiving every single post in Word and will post certain ones here, so long as they are important, historical, significant, special, etc. Then I might start rolling out the less important replies.

But rest assured, everything will be backed up; nothing will be lost.


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Things have been crazy on my end, and in fact, I just moved last month. My current DVR doesn't record for some reason, and Toonami runs past my self-imposed bedtime.

Stop the presses, because tonight (Saturday, September 9, 2017), Toonami expands to five hours. That's right, the Midnight Run is back!

But that's not all! Cowboy Bebop is back, and I'm sure it's in HD. It previously ran briefly in HD before Toonami lost the license. The show had been released on Blu-ray around that time, as well.

Welcome home, Spike.