Review Top 10 Movie Genres That Died Out


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I would absolutely agree. There are some things I miss, and some I don't, and some here that were caused by mistakes by Hollywood.

First, thank the maker that torture porn is gone. I liked the first Saw, because it had a Hitchcockian feel to it. The rest of the bunch are nothing more than exercises in seeing how much uncomfortable gore you can put into a film and still get it released. I like gore, a lot, but these films were just terrible. Never watched any of the Hostel films or others in the bunch.

Found footage was, at one time, a great way to get a low-budget film made. But again, too many people jumped on the bandwagon, and it became overused. I'm not sad to see that trend gone.

Rom-coms. Long may they rot in hell.

YA adaptations got a kick start with Harry Potter, which were fantastic books. Some of the books that were being adapted just didn't have the magic (pun not intended) that HP had. And, of course, there were the producers meddling with movies. Or directors not adapting books correctly, like with the Percy Jackson novels. And then there are the Twilight novels. The less said about them, the better.

I miss musicals. Plain and simple.

Westerns are both awesome and overly cliche. I'd like to see good westerns make a comeback, but I don't think there's an audience for them .

When I was still blogging, I wrote an article about how the parody movie had long been dead. It peaked with the Naked Gun movies and the last of the Mel Brooks films, and then was taken over by the [Enter Movie Trope Here] movies, which were crap, filled with timely jokes that were already stale by the time the movies came out. It's terribly sad, but those spoof movies of yesteryear are all we have left of a once great genre.