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Captain Peg Leg (top right) was one of THE CRUSADERS, and, frankly was not all he was cracked up to be.

His knife throwing action was more like me playing golf, where, rather than striking his foes in front of him with deadly accuracy, actually ended up on the floor a fair distance behind him.

download (1).jpg

He also had a rolled up paper map which went into his hollow peg leg. Wanting to protect it from damage, I coated the map in selotape and rolled it up, putting it back in his leg, completely ignoring the laws of physics. Of course it got stuck in there and I could never get the map out of his leg again, jammed there for all eternity, it's secrets forgotten and irretrievable.

I never got his arch enemy, above left, so he had to instead take on Muton, who, as I mentioned, had slimy problems of his own.

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lizardFFCaardFront.jpg lizardloosew.jpg Mego-8-Inch-LIZARD-Action-Figure3-35-1392784687.jpg

Lest you think it all a bit one-sided, Muton did not have to take on THE CRUSADERS (c) single handed...

His partner in villainy was THE LIZARD.

Years later, I sat gobsmacked, watching the movie THE AMAZING SPIDER MAN, and remember being appalled at how wrong filmmakers could get it - when Lizard appeared minus his iconic white lab coat and purple trousers! And his distinctive Lizard-snout! :emoji_angry:


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Then trading cards came along....

You were happy to have completed the collection of blue STAR WARS bubblegum cards.....

s-l1600 (1).jpg

So the makers decided that what the world urgently needed was a red set of STAR WARS bubblegum cards.....

s-l1600 (6).jpg

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This is from some kind of video board game which guest starred Paul Darrow as one of the suspects.......

In this video, we meet our final suspect, Paul Rand, who is played by the game's "starring" actor, Paul Darrow. We spend this whole video interviewing him, so I hope you like old, menacing, British guys.