Review True Blood (2008 - 2014)

High Plains Drifter

The Drifter
I have been seeing clips from this show pop up in my feeds showing some funny clips, to vampires exploding. I'm a fan of horror movies so I decided to watch the series. I watched all 7 season of this show in a matter of a few weeks. I really liked the seasons 1-4 and it seemed more funny, and enjoyable to watch. The shows from seasons 5-7 got well somewhat dull, boring, no humor, and lost what the other seasons had going for them. The last two seasons it felt like they didn't know how to close it out, finish the characters stories, and tie it all together. I'm not going to down this series and say you shouldn't watch it, but the first few seasons was really good. I did like the cast, and thought they all worked together.

This show has it all vampires, werewolves, cat people, shapeshifters, fairies, ghosts, gods, witches, bible thumpers, and tons of nudity. It was an interesting show to watch, funny lines, jokes, and just a fun show to watch.

I did finding it annoying when they had the vampire Godfrey speaking with Eric in viking and no subtitles on the old language. This also happened in a few other spots in the show.

What did you think of the folding up/down fangs?

Anyone else watch it?

Only real questions I had was....

Season 7 Who was Sookie's husband?
If Sookie was knocking boots with a fairy/vampire how come she didn't get knocked up?
The same question as before, but with the werewolf guy.
If Bill drinks Lilith's blood does that mean he's a god? Wouldn't the vampires seek him out for his blood when he died?
Whatever became of the cat people?
After all the vampires died down, did the town go back to being somewhat normal?
Did Hoyt become a vampire after marrying Jessica at the end of the series?
If vampires cry blood, does that mean in the bathroom..sorry..never just popped into my mind.
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