U.F.O. " Here We Go Again"


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22. The Psychobombs
A UFO lands in England, and takes control of the minds of two men and a woman (Linda Simmons, Daniel Clark and Clem Mason). Each is given superhuman strength as well as being made into a walking bomb. Simmons strangles a policeman close to her home, and each of the three is sent to destroy a SHADO installation. Following an unsuccessful attack on Straker's car, a note is found detailing three attacks on SHADO if it continues to operate.

Clark attacks the Fairfield Tracker Station, which he destroys by grabbing high-voltage power cables and then exploding. This is followed by Mason evading security and getting on board Skydiver 3, and destroying it by grabbing power cables as it leaves its base of operations.

Foster investigates Simmonds (following up on the strangled policeman), the last surviving 'living bomb', and takes her to SHADO headquarters unaware of what she is capable of. Whilst in detention, Simmonds escapes and looks for high-voltage cables she can use to explode herself. Just before she manages to do this, Sky One destroys the UFO that has been controlling the humans, and Simmonds only electrocutes herself.
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23. Mindbender
During a period of intense sunspot activity which leaves Moonbase and Earth vulnerable to alien attack, a UFO hugs the lunar surface in an apparent effort to strike at Moonbase. However, it suddenly veers away and self-destructs. Interceptor pilots Conroy and Dale are sent out investigate; they find nothing to explain the alien craft's destruction but Conroy locates a curious diamond-like moon rock, which he keeps as a souvenir.

However, when Conroy re-enters the Control Sphere on Moonbase he hallucinates that there are three Mexican bandits there. He starts to fight the bandits, unaware that he is actually fighting Nina Barry and other Moonbase operatives. Barry sets off an alarm but Conroy shoots and kills Dale. A search is ordered and Conroy is killed in the ensuing gun fight.

Straker investigates Conroy's strange behaviour but can find nothing to explain it; the only connection Straker can make is that Conroy had an interest in the Old West and wrote Westerns in his spare time. Conroy's personal effects are returned to SHADO headquarters where they are sorted by Capt. "Beaver" James, a much admired retired astronaut. Upon touching Conroy's moon rock James also falls under its control and believes that SHADO HQ has been invaded by aliens: he gains possession of a guard's gun and starts shooting everyone he sees. James is subsequently killed after taking Col. Lake hostage: tragically James' gun was out of ammunition and had the guards known this, he could have been taken alive.

The moon rock is still on Straker's desk and he picks it up instead of the glass paperweight he usually holds from habit during discussions in his office. Straker gets into an argument with Henderson over funding but just as the situation becomes heated, a film director shouts 'Cut' and Straker finds himself as an actor on a set. Straker wanders the film sets, which include the Moonbase control desk and Skydiver's Command And Control Centre. He returns to the set representing his office and the argument with Henderson continues. But in the heat of the moment he throws Conroy's moon rock against the wall, shattering it and eliminating its influence on him. Straker realises that the rock caused hallucinations in anyone who touched it and the UFO's destruction near Moonbase was in order to plant the rock on the surface.
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24. Kill Straker
Col. Paul Foster and Captain Frank Craig are piloting a lunar module when it is approached by a UFO. Both are then subjected to mind-altering impulses that cause them to want to kill Commander Edward Straker. Straker makes a split-second decision that saves the men from crashing.

Returning to Moonbase Alpha, Foster starts to criticise Straker's performance and then Craig makes an unsuccessful attempt to kill Straker in his sleep. Craig also tries to destroy Moonbase's supply of air and water but is killed in the attempt. To further discredit Straker's abilities, Foster sends a critical report on him to General James L. Henderson, leading to a confrontation between Straker and Foster. Foster pulls a gun, a bullet punctures Moonbase's sphere and the two pass out from lack of oxygen.

Now back on Earth, Foster is placed under hypnosis by Dr.Jackson which reveals that the aliens mentally implanted the impulse to kill Straker. Although Foster's career with SHADO appears over, Straker is not willing to give up on him and decides to test if Foster can combat the urge. He puts himself and Foster in a sealed room and tries to convince Foster that he is going to kill him. Foster demonstrates that he can overcome the urge to kill Straker; soon after he is returned to active duty.


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25. Timelash
In the pre-title sequence, Commander Straker appears to go berserk, smashing equipment in SHADO Headquarters. After a brief chase he is restrained and found to have a hypodermic needle and an ampoule of an unidentified drug on his person. Col. Lake is found unconscious on the roof, while on the studio backlot a man's dead body is found in a mini-car. Dr. Jackson subjects Straker to hypnosis, during which he relates the rest of the episode in flashback to Jackson and Paul Foster.

Straker and Lake are attacked by a UFO whilst en route to Headquarters. As they pass through the outer checkpoint, night mysteriously turns into day; they find everyone and everything, both on the studio lots and inside SHADO HQ, frozen in time. The effect begins to overtake them as well. In order to counter it, they inject themselves with potentially life-threatening doses of an experimental stimulant.

Inside SHADO HQ they encounter Turner, a SHADO operative who is working for the aliens. He has placed a device in the HQ that freezes time on Earth and allows a UFO to approach the planet undetected. Straker and Lake attempt to kill Turner but he is able to manipulate time to avoid their attacks.

The UFO is waiting for time to unfreeze in order to attack SHADO HQ. Straker arms himself with a shoulder-fired missile to destroy it. However, Turner ambushes the pair, knocking Lake unconscious and stealing a key required to operate the missile. Straker hunts down Turner, chasing him in mini-cars through the studio lot. Turner tells Straker he cannot shoot him, for he is never where Straker sees him to be. To counter this, Straker - reasoning that Turner must still be nearby - shoots in a wide arc, hoping that at least one bullet will find its mark. He thereby kills Turner, gets the missile key, and destroys the incoming UFO; returning to HQ he begins smashing pieces of equipment, hoping to destroy Turner's device. By now the drug has made him paranoid, and he continues his destructive spree even after he succeeds and time unfreezes.

The story returns to the present. Jackson and Foster allow Straker to rest, while musing on the nature of time.
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26. The Long Sleep
When Catherine Fraser (Tessa Wyett), awakens from a ten year coma an old UFO investigation is reopened. In the hospital, Catherine tells Cmdr. Ed Straker (Ed Bishop) that she ran away from home, met a young man named Tim (Christian Roberts) who had just given up his medical studies, travelled with him to an abandoned farmhouse, and discovered Aliens installing something into the ground. As both young people were on LSD, they playfully stole a piece of the installation, and Tim died, when he just for fun jumped off the farmhouse roof. Catherine cannot remember where the farmhouse is, or what happened to the piece of the installation, which Straker believes to be a bomb. Tim, who was brought back to life by the Aliens and works in the hospital, secretly overhears the questioning of Catherine and visits her. After being injected with an Alien serum, Catherine remembers where she left the missing piece. Now Straker and Col. Paul Foster (Michael Billington) must find the farmhouse and deactivate the bomb to prevent a disastrous explosion.
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