U.F.O. My Episode Ranking- Worst To Best


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1. Timelash
And number 1 is the incredible Timelash, where time around the SHADO HQ is frozen, everyone fixed like statues, except Straker and Virginia Lake who have to reverse the time freeze before the aliens arrive. SHADO operative Turner is a traitor who has helped the aliens by incorporating an alien device into one of SHADO'S own to freeze time in return for power, and the aliens have given him mastery over time, and has to hold off Straker and Lake in the millionth of a second that has been frozen, waiting for the aliens to land.
Amazing fx for 1970 as Straker and Lake wonder through the studio lot above SHADO HQ, we see a bird in flight frozen in midair, and other creepy scenes frozen. A masterpiece and deserving of number 1 place.
Edit; in answer to Alex below, series available on Britbox and Daily motion
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