News Unbroken Sequel: Path to Redemption: ANNOUNCED

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“God’s Not Dead” franchise director Harold Cronk is teaming with producer Matt Baer on “Unbroken: Path to Redemption,” a sequel to Angelina Jolie’s Oscar-nominated 2014 Louis Zamperini biopic “Unbroken”.

Pure Flix will distribute the faith-based film which will be based on the second half of the book from author Laura Hillenbrand and looks at Zamperini’s life post-WWII and his struggle to get back on his feet after suffering PTSD.

Falling into despair and alcoholism, he’s put back on the right path by evangelist Reverend Billy Graham. Samuel Hunt (“Chicago P.D.”) will take on the role of Zamperini whom Jack O’Connell played in the original.

Also onboard are Merritt Patterson (“The Royals”) as his wife Cynthia, and Billy Graham’s actual grandson Will playing his grandfather. Richard Friedenberg (“A River Runs Through It”) and Kenneth Hixon (“City by the Sea”) penned the script and filming begins today.

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Unbroken: Path to Redemption

David Sakurai has been cast as Mutsuhiro ‘The Bird’ Wantabe in the Harold Cronk-directed “Unbroken: Path to Redemption,” a faith-based sequel to Angelina Jolie’s 2014 feature.

The Bird was the nickname of the Japanese officer who psychologically and physically tortured WWII officer Louis Zamperini who is suffering PTSD over his mistreatment and ultimately was born again.