Fun US commercials you loved or can't get out of your head

Janine The Barefoot

Wacky Norwegian Woman
Where's The Beef?!

The California Dancing Raisins

Virginia Slims Cigarettes (long enough to get crushed by virtually everything!.... The elevator was a fav)

Don't Take it out on the Children, Take Excedrin!

Weebles Wobble But They Don't Fall Down!

The Original Alka Seltzer commercials

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The Seeker

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Don't squeeze the Charmin!

It's Slinky, it's Slinky, for fun it's a wonderful toy! It's fun for a girl or a boy.

Janine The Barefoot

Wacky Norwegian Woman
Don't squeeze the Charmin!
Wow! I can't believe I forgot that poor, beleaguered little man! Talk about the odds (and the stacks of toilet paper) being "stacked" against you!

Great catch Seeker and thanks for the assist!

And yeah, I was a "slinky addicted" kid myself!.... Does all of this mean we're dating ourselves?!..... On the other hand, the best commercials were always the old ones so it's not a bad group to be part of!

:emoji_kiss::emoji_dancer: and... bring on "the bunnies" :emoji_dancers::emoji_dancers::emoji_dancers::emoji_dancers::emoji_dancers::emoji_dancers::emoji_dancers::emoji_dancers::emoji_dancers::emoji_dancers::emoji_dancers:


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And while these aren't old, I miss the Tanqueray commercials with Tony Sinclair. This one is still my favorite of the bunch.