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A “V” Movie Trilogy Is In Development


Desilu Studios, Inc has announced that a new ‘big-budget’ film version of iconic 1980s event series “V” is on the way to be written, produced and directed by the original’s creator Kenneth Johnson reports Digital Spy.

The original dealt with the arrival all over Earth of giant spaceships with human-like people, known as the Visitors, onboard who promise to benefit mankind. Its soon discovered by some that they are actually carnivorous reptilian humanoid aliens, and a Resistance movement springs up to take back the planet.

Johnson says: “We are delighted to team up with Desilu to bring the timeless – and timely – story of resistance against tyranny into the 21st century. V will be the first of a cinematic trilogy which will tell the full epic tale in the manner I always envisioned.”

John Hermansen and Barry Opper will produce. The property was previously remade into a two-season TV series for ABC in 2009.

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Just had a scour around, but could find no further update on this. Seeker. In fact not a thing since the above announcement. Sadly, it could be destined to be stuck in Development Hell.

Mind you, given the way a lot of these remakes turn out, we may be having a lucky escape. of course! :emoji_head_bandage:

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Oh well. The way they remake things nowadays, it would have probably been shittier than the 2009 reboot, and that was pretty damn shitty.

Then again the original got cancelled too late, cause that was getting shitty too.

In fact the whole "Star Child" thing was shitty.


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I never did check out the 2009 remake. It looked like crap on toast, and I never heard anything good about it. I loved the various series when I was a kid, but again, I'm most likely looking back with rose-tinted goggles. I recall all of us reviewing the premiere of the babylizardmonkey, and how gawd awful it was.

But that Robert Englund, what an actor. He's going places. Anyone know what he's been up to?