Elliot Thomas

Member: Rank 3
Brilliantly cynical look at human obsession, guilt and manipulation with Jimmy Stewart startling, playing-against-type, as a San Francisco detective forced to retire after his fear of heights causes the death of a mysterious woman he had been hired to follow; Kim Novak is ravishing as said lady whom he falls for and who sends him on a powerful psychological journey.
The film takes you into a haunting, dream-like world of death, madness and deception that’s completely compelling; Bernard Herrmann provides a riveting score; the beautiful San Francisco settings are shot by Robert Burks. One of Hitchcock’s greatest films.

Doctor Omega

Staff member
Just finally saw it after years and years of meaning to. Had no idea what it was about except that James Stewart is dangling of a roof at some point.

I really liked it. Gasped in shock at that moment. And didn't guess any of what was happening until Hitchcock was good and ready to tell me.

More than lives up to it's reputation. And I would definitely watch it again.