Review War for the Planet of the Apes (2017)

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Thanks for the "like" @Doctor Omega!

I wasn't really sure how you'd come down on it but I gotta admit that some "reboots" of "Oscar ~ In The Beginning..." feel like a wonderful idea. Like Letterman opening with: "Uma.... Oprah..... Uma...... Oprah......" to a shocked and speechless audience. Or Billy Crystal being wheeled onto the stage as Hannibal Lector to laugh-out-loud hysteria at the beginning of another year. Not too mention Cher (who invented the "naked" fashion of clothing before "Jenni from the hood" was a gleam in anyone's eye) In her dresses with nothing but netting, seams and the jewels sewn onto them, along with hats that looked like came from the "Invasion From Mars" collection from the mind of Bob Mackie who may not even have lived to see "Invasion From Mars".......Man, that was some great theater!!! Great like Carol Burnett"s "Went With the Wind" sketch from her old variety show..... one of the best sketches ever done on TV to my knowledge (Not counting Monty Python cause everyone's an amateur compared to them)! Then there were the miscues and the misreads, the slips and falls! It was the most well appointed vaudeville in the history of man!

Anyways.... While I don't begrudge Oscars per 'se, it still seems sad to me that they keep coming out with nonsense like the "reboot" of Nosferatu, because why write anything original or groundbreaking or even just original... when all they've got to do is open some vaults and remake a movie that a group of people poured their hearts and souls into for it's audience to love and cherish and then just turn it into bloody "Wonder Bread"...... Why even bother? None of it makes sense to me anymore.


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Yes, remakes seem to be a production line, usually blindly missing the heart and soul of the original, seen only as easy money to be made by studios looking at the ledgers of the past.

I used to love watching the Oscars for those moments and surprises.

Mind you, I did feel sorry for Faye Dunaway this year. :emoji_confused:


You have prompted me to convert that envelope thread into a wider Oscar Memories thread. :emoji_alien:

I will post a few that I remember. :emoji_alien:


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Everytime one of these movies come out I'm reluctant to see it. I don't know why, but I am. So I put it off, put it off, then when I finally watch it I really enjoy it. I really enjoyed War ... It's achieves greatness in parts and mediocrity in parts, it has gratuitous humor, and real emotion, and I was genuinely sad at the end. It made me want to watch the original movie again, which I haven't seen since maybe the 80's.