Review War of the Worlds (1953)

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"War Of The Worlds" from Lux Radio Theater aired February 8, 1955 on NBC starring Dana Andrews and Pat Crowley.

The famous tale about the invasion from Mars.

The story is different in many ways from the Orson Welles version.

Irving Cummings (host),
Ken Carpenter (announcer),
Rudy Schrager (music director),
Les Tremayne, Herb Butterfield, Bill Bouchey,
Paul Frees (narrator),
Parley Baer (doubles),
Ken Peters, Howard McNear, William Conrad, George Neise, Bob Bailey, Herb Ellis, Irene Tedrow, Don Diamond, Jack Kruschen, Frank Gerstle, George Baxter, Truda Marson, Edward Marr,
Barre Lyndon (screenwriter),
H. G. Wells (author),
Fred MacKaye (director),
Leonard St. Clair (adaptor),
Charlie Forsyth (sound effects).

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The War Of The Worlds- Unfinished TV Pilot-

In the mid 1970's George Pal was developing a TV series set in the future developing the theme of his 1953 movie. Including here are some unused images of Gordon Jennings and his special effects crew. Ending with a photo gallery of the making of Pal's 1953 movie.