Fun Weird movie on Up All Night or MonsterVision?

High Plains Drifter

The Drifter
This has been plaguing me for many years. I still have not found the answer to the name of this movie.

Here's it goes a long shot and what I can remember..............

I believe this movie was late 80's to 90's.
It was about a teen girl with some sort of plug thing in her neck, hidden under her skin.
Her boyfriend was in a wheelchair.
The father was hunted, and killed by this company. He hide the daughter and son who witness their dads seather. After the father was killed the robot also died.
She and her little brother are being hunted by some sort of robotic company.
She has a dream, cuts her neck where the plug is located.
What the plug thingy can do, stop, or prevent I can't remember.
I think it was when you hit 18 then it gets activated.
I think she plugged it into something and found out what the answer to whatever needed to be done. Could have been how to stop the evil company?
The robot hunter turns out to be her boyfriend. He wanted to walk asked the company for help. They used him in the suit to hunt the girl.
It ends with him being there about to kill her and her little brother. He pulls off the helmet saying he can't kill her, and slowly dies in her arms. The suit had a kill or be killed switch in it. It was like a rundown timer.
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Doctor Omega

And there was once called CHERRY 2000, which was a bit robot-ty, but I have never seen it.....


and then there was a robot chase-y thing called RUNAWAY....

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High Plains Drifter

The Drifter
I've seen all those movies, and trust me it's not them. Over the years I have remembered bits and pieces from many movies. I found the titles to those movies, just not that one.

Like I remember watching Running Cool, The Stranger, Easy Wheels, and Masters of Menace, but they blended together. Even Chud 2 I remembered bits and pieces, and lucky was able to find it cause there's a scene where the zombie guy pulls out his heart. Trick or Treat and Shockém Dead same thing remember small stuff that helped in finding the name of them. All of these movies I now own on dvd.

There's a few that's been on my mind more lately another 80s horror flick were a girl throws mud on a couple on a motorcycle and they crash and die. Even one in the 70's or 80's with a mime like guy in it controlling dead bodys. I kinda watched to many movies over the years, and never wrote down names to them.