Fun What Are You Restoring, Fixing Up, or Driving?

High Plains Drifter

The Drifter
What are you restoring? Maybe modding your car or truck? New paint? Airbrushing? What is the best vehicle you ever owned?

My money pit is my project truck. I wish I could say I had my dream car or truck in the garage. I figured it would be cheaper to get a old truck. Few years back I bought a 81 Ford F-150 styleside truck for $750. It's a southern truck, but needed a bunch of work. The truck was trashed, dirty, nasty, & stunk. It had from all the food and candy an ant colony living in it, over 100 toothpicks loose in the dash, trash, shag carpet, & was a mystery.
I did not know when I bought the truck how much it was going to need. The old straight 6 ran but needed a bunch of parts. Every Time, I thought I was done with the motor, found something else wrong. Fixed power steering, took it for a drive to test it out, brake line broke. I had a lot of people telling me I should either part out the old truck, or just sell it. I almost have a new motor in parts cause of all the parts put into it.
I was lucky last year after searching over 7 years I found a used flareside box for 500 bucks, but also needs work. I still have to put work into that this summer. The truck is still is a far away from being done, but it will turn out to be a good truck when it's finally done. One thing that hurts, is the yards like to have 20 year old vehicles and newer. Something that's older nearly 25 and up, they like to crush, and the cash for clunkers put a hurt on older trucks.

When I seen the truck I always wanted a stepside truck since I was a kid. I always loved them, they were different, and stood out body wise. I still love muscle cars, and custom cars.

This is my goal for my truck one day.....

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