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    Original soundtrack, Dutch subtitles.
    BBC series made in 1977, set in Crete. Eight episodes.
    Alan Haldane, a boat builder, has had to relinquish control of his company after a hostile takeover. He decides to return to Crete, to " look for answers, find myself", thirty years after he was last on the island.
    During the second world war he fought with the partisan army repelling the Nazis. He saved many Cretans, killed many Germans and was a bit of a hero.
    Back on Crete he visits an olive grove,now so peaceful, we see flashbacks of the carnage that took place in that field during battle. His thoughts are interrupted by a pretty woman, Annika Zeferis, who now owns the land. She invites him in to her home. They drink wine, he tells her of his past . A man enters, swarthy, moustached, Matheos Noukskis, he is Annika's factory manager and friend. After Haldane leaves, Annika can't stop talking about him to Matheos who is clearly jealous. He makes his move, he proposes to her, she declines. She tells him a story, why they cannot marry.
    " The mountain was once in love with the sea, and sent as a gift to the sea a clear blue stream. The stream turned into a river and finally entered the sea. The sea poisoned the river with salt. Why do you do this? said the mountain, I gave you a gift and you ruined it, do you despise me? The sea replied, salt is vital to me, I need it to survive. I am honoured by your gift but salt is the one thing you cannot provide me"
    A rather cryptic way of telling Matheos that he isn't man enough for her and cannot provide something she craves. This will have devastating consequences later in the series.
    Alan Haldane visits Babis Spiridakis, a lawyer and old friend from the war, a fellow partisan fighter. They greet in Babis' plush office in town. But the greeting is muted and Haldane wants to know why.
    Haldane was given the nickname Leandros, an ancient Greek name of honour.
    Babis " Leandros do you remember Malina Matakis?"
    Haldane" of course I loved her"
    B " after you got sent back to England after the war, Malina was pregnant with your child, she wrote to you to tell you, but you never replied, she thought you had abandoned her"
    H " I would never do that. I wrote three times. I never heard from her. I assumed she didn't want to see me again. I moved on."
    B " As far as I know she never received any letters. It was difficult for her being single and carrying baby, here in Crete such things can make life impossible. Luckily for her Stephanos Andreas from our little group, stepped in and saw her unhappiness, took the responsibility of the child himself and married her. Malina was extremely grateful. She was fond of him, and they had a happy but brief marriage. He died in 1949 , and Malina died four years ago from a brain haemorrhage"
    H " I'm truly sorry, I did write, I swear it Babis. Do you believe me?"
    B " Leandros, of course! You are my brother, I remember the bullets you removed from my body, saved my life"
    The two hug.
    H " and the child?"
    B " she is now a woman , married herself with a son..Elena Vassilakis , her husband Nikos and son Alexis"
    H " I want to see her Babis"
    B " you can't!! She believes Stephanos was her father"
    H " I wont tell her I'm her father but I must see her, talk to her. Please Babis"
    Elena and Nikos run a taverna about 30 miles away in a neighbouring town on the coast.
    Haldane enters and buys a drink. He engages in chit chat with Elena, longing to tell the truth but daren't. Nikos comes to the bar, Haldane sits at a table while a quarrel between Elena and Nikos rages, and Greek of course.
    Next day back with Babis,
    B " yes they quarrel a lot lately. The problem is about their future. Elena owns the taverna, it's her legacy from Malina. Nikos is not happy with that for a start. He is ambitious and wants to sell it, a development company have made an offer but Elena refuses to sell. In the end Nikos I fear will give her an ultimatum"
    H " him or the taverna?"
    B " yes, and she loves her husband , so she cannot win"
    Meanwhile Matheos spurned by Annika visits Katerina Matakis, mother of Malina and also of Annika.
    K " how is my daughter Matheos? How is she running our factory?"
    M " she is very headstrong but doing well "
    K " she needs a man. I would give my blessing to you marrying her Matheos"
    M " I have asked, but she seems interested in an Englishman. A holiday maker I think. An Alan Haldane"
    Katerina cries out in shock, drops the wine glass she was holding " Leandros!! No!"
    Haldane is back Annika's house for dinner. Romance is in the air, they kiss.
    The next day in the taverna Haldane sees Annika there talking to Elena.
    H " do you come here often ?"
    A " yes very often, and you ?"
    H " well , I will now, Babis Spiridakis has lent me his villa up the road, so I'll be staying for some time"
    A " that is good Leandros. Elena you see is my niece so I'll be here often too"
    H " your niece?"
    A " her mother Malina was my sister"
    OMG ! After apparently abandoning Malina, though he didn't really, he now is dating her sister., and he daren't reveal that to Annika.
    But who caused this misery all those years ago? Did Haldane write to Malina?
    In her villa, the aged mother Katerina, opens a writing desk, in it is three letters that she now takes out, all opened and addressed to Malina, that she intercepted and never told her daughter. She allowed Malina to think Leandros had deserted her. But why?
    Next Episode
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    Series Cast - regular characters only.
    Alan "Leandros" Haldane....Jack Hedley
    Babis Spiridakis....Neil McCarthy
    Annika... Betty Arvaniti
    Katerina...Patience Collier
    Matheos.....Takis Emmanuel.
    Elena...Mairi Solaki
    Nikos...Nikos Verlekis
    Major Krasakis....Stefan Gryff.
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