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    In Katerina Matakis villa she is talking to Matheos.
    " I must place a burden on you, that of vendetta. A great wrong has been done to my family, I cannot tell you of it, but I need your help. The Englishman Leandros must be driven out of Crete. You will have my support, and I will be very grateful. My son as a result of his cowardice has forfeited his inheritance. You understand Matheos? Drive Haldane out or destroy him!"
    On the beach Leandros,Annika and Nikos, ( Elena's husband) are admiring the finished boat that Leandros has built, christened The Knot.
    Annika " it is a good name Leandros, the knot that ties you to our community to our hearts"
    A fisherman , Andreas, comes along with his two sons and challenges the " mighty Leandros" to a race.
    A " your boat against mine. I'm a Cretan, no one can make boats for our waters like we do. What do you say Leandros? The winner keeps the losers boat as the prize"
    Haldane hesitates,
    A " what is the matter? Frightened of losing?"
    H " no no, I just wondered what I'll do with two sailing boats. Probably sell yours"
    Andreas roars with laughter.
    A " tomorrow is Easter Friday, a day of mourning for Christ, but on Sunday he rises , so we celebrate, and then we race"
    H " okay a deal"
    Leandros and Annika go to lunch at Elena's taverna, then Annika returns to her factory to prepare for the holiday break. Leandros returns home , and finds it's been vandalized.
    Later, Major Krasakis is examining the place with Leandros. Everything destroyed, furniture smashed up, graffiti on the walls, a total mess
    Kr " you say nothing has been taken?"
    H " no, just wrecked, look at this, months of drawings and designs for sailboats I was doing for Nikos and my business venture, just gone, now just wastepaper. Why Major, and who?"
    Leandros goes to see Babis, who owns the villa.
    H " your stuff wasn't touched , just mine, but I thought you ought to know"
    B " have you told Annika?"
    H " no"
    B " she will comfort you , considering her feelings for you"
    H " what feelings?"
    B " Leandros surely you know, she loves you, and can't understand why you hold back in your feelings to her"
    H " how can I tell her how I feel? She'll find out sooner or later about Malina then I'll lose her for sure"
    B " perhaps it is better to lose something precious than never have it at all"
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    Annika is staying at her niece Elena's taverna for the holiday period, she tells Annika what happened at Leandros place.
    Annika helps Leandros tidy the place up. They kiss, a love that they both share for each other is obvious. She stays the night.
    Saturday night , approaching midnight, the whole of the people of Alunda are at church celebrating Easter rising. One by one everyone takes a lighted candle.
    Annika " come Leandros, receive the light. It is our tradition, if you can walk home from Church with the candle still lit you will have good luck for a year"
    The next morning, the race is on .
    Andreas" you understand the course Englishman?"
    H " yep, to the island of Spriralonga, through the headway, and back along the west coast and back here"
    A " okay, may God give good fortune to.both our boats, but more to mine eh Englishman?"
    The race starts, Leandros wins quite easily. Babis and Annika congratulate him ,
    B " now Andreas has nothing. A fisherman without a boat, and he is poor"
    H " aw c'mon I'm not going to hold him to the bet"
    A " you must Leandros, it would dishonour him not to take the boat, and in public"
    Andreas comes over carrying a bottle of brandy.
    A " well you've won Englishman. This bottle was for you to console you in defeat, but now I drink it. You said you'd sell my boat, what is your price Leandros?"
    H " bottle of brandy"
    A " done! Now we celebrate"
    A big beach party takes place that evening. While the party is in full swing, Matheos creeps up to The Knot with a can of petrol, and after emptying it strikes a match.
    Some time later someone runs onto the beach from harbour shouting in Greek.
    Annika " he says your boat is on fire"
    Everyone runs to the harbour, but it's hopeless, the fire has engulfed the boat.
    The next day Leandros is sitting staring at the charred remains, very depressed with what Major Krasakis tells him.
    K " we found a petrol can in the remains. I think we must link this to the vandalism at your place. You have enemies, someone wants you off of Crete"
    H " but who?"
    K "I have a suspect in mind , I questioned him but he claims he was elsewhere last night, and others support him, so I can do nothing for now. Good day Mr Haldane."
    Babis and Annika are nearby,
    B " he put everything into that boat, a man like him feels this deeply, he may give up, give up on us Annika"
    Krasakis leaves, suddenly a convoy of vehicles arrive, out steps Andreas the fisherman with a dozen or so others,
    H " what's going on?"
    Andreas " we come to help you rebuild the boat. We are brothers now yes! You are the great Leandros, we are your tools. Friends"
    Annika " receive the light Leandros, of friendship, warmth, from us to you with love"
    A truck arrives with timber , tools ,
    Andreas" okay Englishman let's get to work"
    Babis whispers to Annika " he is back with us, tied to the people, his people now"
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