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    In Katerina Matakis villa,
    Matheos " I have done all I can to drive Leandros out of Crete"
    K " and failed"
    M " now what you ask is too much of a risk. To kill him"
    K." Are you not seething with resentment? He has ended any chance you had of marrying my daughter. Do you not hate him?"
    M " not as much as you Katerina , for a reason you will not tell me"
    K " I have promised you my son's inheritance. Is that not enough?"
    M " to take such a risk, I'd want more. Such as the brickworks you own, I believe I could do a good job as your manager. Better than your current one, make it more profitable for you"
    K." Okay, I can arrange that"
    M." Also I want some insurance. In case you change your mind"
    K " what insurance?"
    M." A letter, signed by both of us, a pact between us, outlining our intentions"
    K " which you will keep I suppose, so you can use against me any time you wish"
    M " there will be no need surely, we both want Leandros dead"
    K " very well"
    Katerina goes to her writing bureau and takes out paper.
    While this conspiracy to murder is fermenting it's all good news for Leandros, Annika, Elena and Nikos. A spate of happy events.
    Leandros boat is rebuilt, so he throws a party for all those men of Alunda who helped.
    Nikos finally and formally agrees to go into business partnership with Leandros. He and Elena are at the office of Babis Spiridakis , who will draw up documents to be signed by all parties. Babis phones Annika with the news, she tells Leandros.
    A" I have a very busy few days at the refinery Leandros, meetings to attend, I won't be able to see you until Sunday. Why not have the signing take place then at my house. Then afterwards we can all eat drink and enjoy each other's company"
    Haldane" okay Sunday it is"
    A" I sense this partnership makes you very happy. Elena means a lot to you doesn't she?"
    H " and Nikos, also I'm hoping for profits from this venture"
    A " there's something else isn't there? One day I hope you'll tell me"
    Haldane knows it's not possible to tell Annika that he is Elena's father.
    H " nothing to tell. I never had children, so this is the next best thing for me"
    Babis Spiridakis visits Katerina on business, he is buying property on her behalf as her lawyer.
    K " you know my daughter doesn't visit me anymore?"
    B " I had heard, if there's anything I can do I will"
    K " I hear also that Nikos has accepted the Englishman's offer of partnership"
    B " yes, on Sunday at Annika's the papers will be signed"
    K " I have decided to make Matheos Noukakis my manager at the brickworks"
    B " I'm sure he'll do well. When does he start?"
    K " soon, after he has done a job for me, very soon I hope"
    Katerina expects Matheos to kill Leandros soon!
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    The next day Leandros opening his mail, comes across a worrying letter, it says just two words ' for Charon', and two coins in the envelope as well. He goes into nearby Araklion to the office of Major Michael Krasakis.
    H " got this in the post this morning"
    Kr " for Charon, you know who Charon is?"
    H " he was the ferryman wasn't he?"
    Kr " and still is for some. The ferryman who carries the souls of the dead across the river Styx and into the Underworld. For that he must be paid, two coins are placed on the eyes of the deceased when buried. Someone has given you a warning Leandros, someone wants you dead."
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    While Babis is laying out all the documents for the signing in Annika's house, and Annika prepares the food for afterwards, Leandros is outside kicking a football around with Alexis, Elena's son, his secret grandson.
    Elena is there,
    E " you know Leandros I never knew my father, he died when I was five but I have been thinking of him for some reason lately , I hope he would have approved of our partnership. You Leandros are about the same age as he would have been"
    H " a few years younger"
    E " of course you knew him, you fought with him in the Andartes. Anyway I feel Leandros a special place in my heart for you, like a father"
    Annika " come on in Elena Leandros ,Alexis all is ready"
    The signing takes place, then food ,champagne and joy.
    Outside creeping toward Leandros car is Matheos. As carefully and quietly as possible he lifts the hood and takes out some cutters and gets to work.
    Later Nikos,Elena and Alexis leave, Leandros walks them to their car.
    H " Nikos we need a good architect to carry out the structural changes to the taverna we envisage needing"
    N " I have someone in mind Leandros"
    Elena " goodbye Leandros thanks for everything..I hope you don't mind but we've decided to rename the taverna after my mother, The Taverna Malina"
    H " er.. no it's perfect"
    Nikos tries to start his car, but it won't start.
    Inside the house Annika is clearing away the dinner table.
    Babis " well Leandros you have a family"
    H " by adoption yes"
    B " will that satisfy you?"
    H " it'll have to Babis. The truth can't come out"
    Annika comes back in,
    A " it's been a perfect day, just perfect"
    H " not quite, Nikos car wouldn't start. He's going to send a mechanic here tomorrow to fetch it"
    A " how are they getting home?"
    H " I've lent them mine"
    Nikos is driving Leandros car down the treacherous winding steep road, Elena and Alexis in the back. There's no brakes!!
    Nikos is struggling to control the speeding car, when it swerves off the road, and plunges 100 feet down a ravine, landing on its roof, all three of them still inside.
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