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Worzel Gummidge TV makeover


Worzel Gummidge will soon make his return to the small screen - in a new BBC series, starring Mackenzie Crook.

The show will be based on the books by Barbara Euphan Todd, rather than the late 1970s TV show.

Crook will play the lead, a talking scarecrow, who was previously played by Doctor Who's Jon Pertwee.

A statement for the star of The Office confirmed he is working on "a new contemporary adaptation of the original Worzel Gummidge books."

"It's in the very early stages of development, so scripts have not yet been written," the spokesperson said.

The BBC has yet to confirm the remaking of the show.

The Original Series Can be Found Here......

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Doctor Omega

More childhood nostalgia about to be destroyed.

P.C. boxes will be ticked. Bad supporting actors will be cast - speaking the dialogue flatly.

The speed of events will be hyper, when it should be sedate. Doubtless it will end up like LAST OF THE SUMMER WINE on acid.

And the reality they are ignoring is that somebody else is having the audacity to play Worzel.

Forget "No one can replace Harrison Ford as Han Solo"....

This is so impossible a replacement of actor that the very idea of doing it is arrogance unbound, in my opinion. :emoji_disappointed:
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