Fun YOUR DRABBLES (See Writing Challenge)

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Post your drabbles here. :emoji_alien:

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The First Drabble....

His first drabble was going to have to be an absolutely spectacular one if this thread was going to have any hope of catching fire.

But how to make it an exciting short tale, within the strict parameters of 100 words?

It wasn't easy and he realised with a chill that he had already used up sixty four words from his allotted word count.

That left him with a little time to impress the reader, but what to do?

With only twenty words to go in this last sentence he wasted it wondering if THE END counted, which it didn't.


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The Tranquil Regret of Ebenezer Hyphen

Ebenezer Hyphen welcomed the day through the gloomy windows of his mansion.

The giant fat black spider - three feet across - hanging in the window left him alone, so long as it was fed.

Which it had been, the day before.

Living in this place, standing as it did on the edge of Hell, Ebenezer rued the day he had ever made that pact.

The broken landscape outside rushed at him, as if to devour him, but the glass stopped such things.

He thought he saw someone stumble in the distance on the horizon, but dismissed it.

It wasn't midnight yet.