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Your favorite restaurant

Whats yours and why? We eat out a lot so it is tough to pick a favorite but if I did I guess I would pick a place called Texas Roadhouse. My wife almost always gets this:

I do sometimes but if I am not in the mood for steak I get these and a couple ice cold beers. These are great.

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Mine's a local haunt called Chuong Garden. It's a Chinese restaurant that opened up when I was in college, and it's still around. The folks who run it are the greatest people, and the food is amazing. They have a really good lunch menu, which is when we usually go, just for cost, but when I do go for supper, I love their General Tso's Chicken, and their Orange Beef. And their Sesame Shrimp. And their Curry Chicken.

Also, they have the best egg rolls I have ever had. Perfectly crisp, and tender and juicy on the inside.


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Not sure I have a fave restaurant, but remember being at one called the Blue Frog Café.
Not sure what the simple dish was called, but it was basically a breaded chicken patty w//mashed potatoes & cheese on top.
My uncle asked, "Is that as good as it looks?" Erm, yes.


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Its way too expensive in the Netherlands to eat out a lot. Also, there are so many restaurants where I live, and they come and go. So when I do eat out, it will usually be in a new restaurant.