What an excellent day for an exorcism
Class of Nuke 'Em High, Tromeo and Juliet and The Toxic Avenger are my favourites.
I saw a lot more, but I can't remember them all. I was pretty young when I saw most of them and I guess not all of them made an impression. I remember that the movie channel we were subscribed to at home had this Troma month.


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There's an extremely cheap and terrible zombie film called The Stink of Flesh that I actually found myself enjoying quite a lot.


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Agreed - but for me it has the truly awful + really enjoyable combination. Of course I was a die-hard TV Buffy fan by then, so its less-than-the-TV qualities met me head on. In fact, I missed many early episodes of the telly version because I ignored a show with such a daft title - accidentally caught one - this tiny blonde running amok in a shopping mall with a rocket launcher and vampires running scared.... thought "this might be worth some more serious attention". Happy days, and many happy rewatches to come for ever and a day... in the film version, for me, given the odds the vampires should have WON.


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I saw the movie when it came out on video back in the day. So that was my first Buffy experience.
And for you (if going this far off topic is allowed) how does the film compare with the telly series?

PS - although you have quite possibly the most enigmatic user name of all time we might just have a Buffy-shaped conversation going on here and I can't call you Sow, so, how formal are we being here?

High Plains Drifter

The Drifter
All time Horror Movies You love to watch over and over again. It could be 2 am and Shaun of The Dead comes on and you stay up watching it. Maybe you have the movie on dvd and would rather watch the cut up chucked full of commercials version on tv. What are your favorites to watch countless time?


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The Evil Dead
A Nightmare on Elm Street
Any of the Friday the 13th movies (except Jason X, because eff that movie, even though it has my favorite Jason kill in it)
Night of the Living Dead
The Tingler
House on Haunted Hill
Any of Roger Corman's Poe films
The Universal Horror films


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Cinematic Buffy?
Funny story. I saw this in the theatre with friends when it came out, and we loved it. Several years later, the television series started, and I never watched it. I had it in my head that the studio took a horror-comedy classic and made it all emo, so I eschewed it. I then learned that Whedon had written the original script for the movie, and that they studio actually messed it up, and that he did the show to make his actual vision. I then watched a few episodes and fell in love with it. I still really dig the movie, but the show is so much better.

Also, if you don't think that Angel was better than Buffy, you are very wrong, and should sit in the corner and think about what you've done.