New profile posts

We are on the way to re-opening this forum. It should be fully usable now. I just need to upgrade the forum software but registrations are already up.
I've fixed an issue in the mail server that was preventing new signups to join the forum. Hopefully we will see new people around here very soon. More than 2800 signups that got stuck :(
I also enabled Google Sign In and will update the forum software soon.
TODAY'S READ: Ray Bradbury:
TODAY'S STAR: Margot Kidder:
TODAY'S WATCH: "The Ghost of Frankenstein" (1942):
TODAY'S READ: Rubbish Superheroes:
TODAY'S STAR: Paul Darrow:
TODAY'S WATCH: "Psycho" (1998):
TODAY'S READ: Magazine Thread....
TODAY'S WATCH: "Hammer House of Horror" TV show.....
TODAY'S MOVIE: "Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (1987)" So bad it's Great!
TODAY'S READ: "Flowers For Algernon" - Heartbreaking.