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    Review Doctor Who (2005)

    Well at least until Smithy left in 2013 at any rate! JB
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    Review Doctor Who (2005)

    Why, oh why carry on making this absolute crap and wasting the recources?? Scrap the crap is the new saying and put McGann in the TARDIS now!!!! JB
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    Review The Missing Episodes

    The Dalek in that pic is obviously a Dead Planet version! JB
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    Review The Missing Episodes

    Is there a missing episode recovery....or not? :emoji_angry: JB
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    Review Ever Decreasing Circles

    Sorry, Michael! My head was elsewhere.... JB
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    Review Ever Decreasing Circles

    I've read that some scenes on the BBC set series one were cut and the Network set is uncut, Doc! Do you know anything about that? JB
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    News JAMES BOND: No Time to Die (2021)

    I could see that happening plus maybe even longer... JB
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    Review Ever Decreasing Circles

    Nuthin showing here! JB
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    Review Thunderball (1965)

    Tom Jones singing Thunderball was not my idea of a great Bond theme although his What's New Pussycat was delightful! JB
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    Review Hammer House Of Horror (1980)

    The Carpathian Eagle had it's fans I'm sure! :emoji_grinning: JB
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    News JAMES BOND: No Time to Die (2021)

    I thought I'd heard a rumour saying Craig was being paid to do a sixth? JB
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    Review Benny Hill

    The show was great but the jokes would mean nothing to today's audiences! The girls still do for a lot of us that haven't been woke as they call it too! JB
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    Fun Star Trek: Discovery (2017)

    I saw Picard recently and quite liked it, this Discovery though was still bad! JB
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    News Masters of the Universe (2021)

    I ended my Who collection with this episode and the final incarnation of the first regeneration cycle of the Doctor! So glad I did as I hated the Capaldi era and loathe what i hear Chinballs is doing with his Mrs.Who crap!!! JB
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    Fun IMDB: The Site We Left Behind....

    I was on there the other day and some of the recent replies are at least three years old so why are they kicking people off the place if there is hardly anyone using it? JB