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Note- all 26 episodes now done scene by scene.

In Duck Halt, the disused railway station home of Catweazle, he is happily singing as he draws a chalk circle on the floor. He is reciting the flying spell, recently discovered at King's Farthing in the secret cellar.
CW (sings) " twelve are they that circle round , if power you seek they must be found. Look for where the thirteenth lies, mount aloft the one who flies."
Touchwood his toad looks impassively on from his Wellington boot home, and croaks.
CW " Touchwood thou web footed wart, there is no magic in thee. ( sighs), Yes I too am hungry, ( hears noise) tis the boy, come hither Owlface."
Cedric enters, in a grey suit with tie,
Cd " I can't stop"
CW " stop what?"
Cd " don't be awkward, look at me, my birthday and they made me put this on."
CW " have thou food?"
Cedric hands Catweazle a foil package, Catweazle opens it to reveal sandwiches.
Cd " you know they've invited half the kids from miles around, I mean it stops being my birthday doesn't it, just an excuse for a bunfight"
CW " bunfight!?"

In the main drawing room at King's Farthing, handyman Groome is at a film projector making adjustments as Lady Collingford comes in carrying party balloons. She accidentally lets one go and it floats upwards and is stuck on the ceiling.
LyC " oh look!"
Gr " you'll never get that down"
LyC " no but you might"
Gr " oh yes I might"
LyC " thank you Groome."
Groome winces, he fell for that, Dotty goes over to projector screen opposite room.
LyC " have you seen Cedric?"
Gr " no my Lady"
LyC " I wonder where he is....( touches screen)..isn't this a little...."
The screen collapses,
LyC " well it wasn't very safe like that was it Groome? ( anxious) I do hope everyone comes. You are sure that thing ( projector) is safe Groome?"
Gr " quite safe your Ladyship, look."
Groome switches on projector, it smokes then goes out with a bang.

At Duck Halt,
Cd " wow, 900 birthdays"
Catweazle has finished his chalk circle, the circle sub divided into 12 sections.
CW " so it is done, the houses for the twelve signs of the zodiac."
Cd " if power you seek they must be found."
CW " aye, is so, today I seek the sign Gemini, the heavenly twins"
Cd " the Rossington girls are coming to my party, they're not very heavenly though."
CW " thy magic book will tell me where to look."
Cd " no you must keep away from the house today, it's too dangerous."
Cedric walks to door, and sighs.
Cd " I ask you, not one present I really wanted."
After Cedric leaves Catweazle picks up Touchwood and looks into toad's face,
CW " we too have no present we really want eh Touchwood?"

Groome is working to repair the projector, Dotty comes along,
LyC " don't bother Groome"
Gr " it's busted"
LyC " is it, well never mind , go and get changed. Mrs Gowdy has had a wonderful idea, a magician, she said he was marvellous , they had him for the Sunday school party. I'll go and give him a call, he's name is Verdanti."
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In the woods Catweazle holding fishing rod approaches river, he stops and spies a gentleman sitting on grass, fishing line in the river , dozing off in the sun. Next to him is a radio, an announcer says,
" that was the weather forecast, now back to the cricket."
Catweazle creeps up to man , suddenly the cricket commentator says, " HE'S OUT."
Catweazle lets out a shriek of alarm, the gentleman wakes.
V " good afternoon.'
Cricket commentary carries on, " the score is now 217 for 9"
Catweazle puzzled as to the location of the voice, looks around him bemused.
V " are you looking for something?"
Catweazle finally realises the source of the voice,
V" it's just my transistor."
CW " thy sister!?"
V" trans.....sistor"
CW " thou have entranced thy sister!?"
The man switches the radio to a music channel.
CW " O, tis the magic of electrickery."
V " yes I suppose you could say that yes."
CW " thou art a magician"
V ( smiles) " oh fancy you recognising me, yes I'm Verdanti. Where have you seen me work, the Silver Threads, or erm...the Institute"
CW " show me thy magic"
V ( patting pockets) "don't know if I've got anything....oh wait a minute."
Verdanti produces a foam ball from pocket.
V " this isn't a bad bit of magic"
Verdanti squeezes ball in hand and suddenly it's gone, Catweazle impressed.
CW " aha..tis gone"
V " I just say the magic words , Abracadabra and hocus pocus."
Verdanti puts hand behind Catweazle's ear, and hey preto ball is in his hand.
Catweazle delighted,
CW " canst thou keep a secret?"
V " what about?"
CW " I too am a great magician, sometimes, I trick thee not."
V " of course it's a very nice hobby."
CW " has thou any magic books?"
V " oh yes of course."
CW " will thou show them me?"
V " well they're only for professional purposes you know, members of the magic circle"
CW " aha! The magic circle"
V " you've heard of it"
CW " I work in it"
V " oh really?"
CW " aye, SHEMPAMPERASH Salmy Dalmy Adonay."
Catweazle pulls out Touchwood from robe pocket,
CW " tis Touchwood"
V " er....yes you've shaken me, you really have I never would have taken you for one of us. What name do you work under?"
CW " Catweazle"
V " Catweazle? Can't say it rings a bell, before my time perhaps."
C ( knowing smile) " aye."
V " of course I get it now. You've been working today haven't you?"
CW " aye"
V " that's why you're wearing that gear, at first I thought you were bonkers"
CW " nay, Catweazle"
V " oh very good you do comedy as well."
CW " how goes the fish?"
V " oh poor, just not biting today"
CW " has thou cast a spell?"
V " no just a fly...ha ha"
CW (in awe) " fly!!?"
V " it's better after the rain"
Catweazle waves his hand over his home made rod saying,
CW " fish fish fish, for thee I wish, do not look, but bite my hook."
V ( smiles) " yes I like that, cute"
Catweazle casts his rod into the water, almost immediately pulling out a fish.
Verdanti astonished, Catweazle proudly grins.
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Cedric runs into the hall at King's Farthing, Dotty is there in the hall.
LyC "oh there you are, where have you been? People will be arriving soon"
Cd " sorry "
LyC " oh everything's going wrong, your film show is off, Groome busted the projectile, broken it"
Cd " projector"
LyC " isn't that what I said, your father has locked himself in his study, and the magician's gone fishing."
Cd " what did you say?!"
LyC " the magician's gone fishing."
Cd " how did you find out about him?"
LyC " Mrs Gowdy told me"
Cd " Mrs Gowdy! Does she know?"
LyC " of course she gave me his phone number."
Cd " HIS WHAT!?"
LyC " and I spoke to his wife"
LyC " oh do stop repeating everything I say, and she said she's sure he'll be able to come"
Cedric stares open mouthed,
LyC " Verdanti darling, instead of the film show."

At the river, Verdanti packs away his gear, Catweazle has caught quite a few fish.
V " my word you have done well, handy living near a river. If you'd like to pop back to my shop I could show you my disappearing box. Mrs Vance will be out, Thursday early closing, bingo"
CW " shempamperash."

Catweazle looks around Verdanti's magic and joke shop.
On the counter is a fake rubber hand, knobbly fingers, claw like nails, it's a glove, Verdanti puts it on,
V " we sell a lot of these"
CW " urgh!"
V " make a lot of money on stinkbombs too, especially at end of term. Oh I've got something that'll amuse you."
Catweazle sees a metal sheath on counter top, he pulls top off to reveal a curved knife.
CW " tis thine?"
Verdanti takes knife,
V " ah yes"
Verdanti holds a length of rope,
V " you have here, look carefully if you please, one piece of rope. ( cuts rope in two) You have here two pieces of rope, ( tieing two pieces together), now watch closely, and voillah!"
Verdanti using his magician's skill, removes knot and as Catweazle says,
Cw" one piece! haha."
Catweazle pulls out his knife Adamcos,
CW " I have Adamcos"
V " oh how does that work?"
Verdanti tries to touch knife ,Catweazle pulls it away,
V( nervous) " copyright eh, don't blame you. ( reads note left by phone) Oh I've got a booking, children's party, 4.15, oh got to get going or I'll be late. Do forgive me if I disappear for a moment I must change."
CW " ( in awe) " change?!"
V " well I can't do it like this, wouldn't feel right without my tails."
CW " tails !?"
V " oh ....mustn't forget Percy"
Verdanti picks up cardboard box, opens it and takes out a white rabbit.
V " magician without a rabbit is like a cowboy without a horse. Children love a rabbit, especially a small one, beautiful creatures aren't they. Look pop him and all this stuff ( points) in the case would you, the big stuff is already in the car, won't be a minute."
Catweazle starts packing away gear, all the magician's paraphernalia, Catweazle non plussed by all this weird stuff, a wand that turns into a bunch of flowers, the Tommy Cooper style wine bottle trick, Catweazle picks wine bottle to put in case, he does this and looks again, still a bottle sits on table, picks this one up, puts it in case, still a bottle sits on table !, a few minutes later Verdanti reappears, dressed in a black cape, top hat, false moustache.
CW " who art thou?"
V" pretty quick eh, presenting Verdanti magician extraordinaire."
Catweazle approves with a gleeful cackle.
V " sorry about the rush, pop in anytime you like, pull the door shut after you."
Verdanti leaves carrying a large suitcase with his tricks inside, but not everything has gone in as he expected. After Verdanti has left Catweazle reaches behind counter and picks up Percy the rabbit, he has kept it for.....?"
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In the grounds of King's Farthing about 20 children are playing musical chairs, while Groome is on the piano playing as the kids run around chairs.
Dotty goes up to one of the mothers helping out.
LyC " Lucy tell Mrs Gowdy to get ready for tea, and ask her if she's seen Cedric."
Dotty goes over to kids,
LyC " quiet everybody, tea, this way."
The kids run over to long table set out on lawn, Groome stops playing piano as kids run passed.
LyC " oh Groome I do hope that conjurer gets here soon.
Verdanti arrives at the gates of King's Farthing, not too far behind on his tricycle is Catweazle.

Verdanti enters hallway, Dotty greets him,
LyC " Verdanti?"
V " at your service Lady Collingford"
LyC " thank goodness, this way."
Catweazle sneaks in to hallway carrying cardboard box, he places it on table, a present for Cedric. He hears footsteps and hides behind a suit of armour as Groome enters, followed by an extremely flustered Dotty.


LyC " CEDRIC? Oh Groome make sure Mr Verdanti has all he needs"
Gr " yes My Lady."
LyC" CEDRIC? I know he's hiding somewhere, so childish. Please find Cedric Groome, ( seeing box on table) oh another present."
Catweazle waits till both Dotty and Groome go, then he quietly goes upstairs into Cedric's bedroom and over to movable column that when turned reveals entrance to secret passage. He is about to turn it when panel in wall opens and Cedric steps out holding book.
CW " Thou has the magic book, give it to me".
Cd " what are you doing here?"
CW" I have a thing for thee".
Cd " I'm not swapping whatever it is."
Catweazle tries to open panel, Cedric blocks him.
Cd " you're not going down there ever again."
Cedric sits on bed,
Cd " you might as well know, when I first found the secret room I thought the Collingford treasure was down there."
CW " treasure?"
Cd " yes, gold goblets and a chalice, it's famous, but it's not there."
A knock on the door, Groome is outside.
Cedric opens secret panel, he and Catweazle hide inside passage.
Groome enters, sees no one and leaves, and Cedric and Catweazle come out. Cedric has a brass instrument on his bed, Catweazle picks it up, puzzled by it, then drops it on the floor. Groome hearing this comes back in to see Cedric smiling at him.
Gr" just been in here"
Cd " oh, I didn't see you."
Gr " I looked under the bed"
Cd " what for?"
Gr " if you ask there's more than one magician in this house. Her Ladyship wants you, immediate."
Cd " just coming."
Groome leaves, Catweazle pops up from behind bed,
Cd " now sssshhhh."

Verdanti is in the dining room, alone, getting ready to perform when Catweazle creeps in.
V " Mr Catweazle! don't say they've made a double booking, happened before to me you know, at a children's party, double booked with a sword swallower, never forget it, poor chap had hiccups."
Catweazle tries to leave,
V " don't go, a good assistant makes a show. We're all set up in the garden, I'll run through the programme with you, you'll know them all I'm sure....I know the cabinet trick, I've got it in the car, we'll do it as a grande finale."
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All the kids sing happy birthday to Cedric at the table in the garden,
LyC " blow out the candles Cedric"
Cedric looking fed up blows out candles on cake.
LyC " have you made a wish?"
Cd ( sighs) " oh yes mother."
LyC " now then everyone there's a magician under the big tree to show you all lots of magic."
The kids run off cheering, Cedric reluctantly gets up, Dotty gives him the box left by Catweazle.
LyC " someone left this, don't know who, there's no card."
Cd " I've a rough idea who"
LyC " come on let's join the others."

Dotty and Cedric arrive at the tree, Catweazle is standing next to Verdanti.
LyC " oh good, his assistant was able to come."
Cedric open mouthed in astonishment as he joins kids sitting around tree for the show to begin.
Verdanti goes through his routine, including vanishing milk poured into jug, kids applaud, and then holler with laughter as Catweazle inadvertently gives away the secret.

The next trick certainly interests Catweazle; Verdanti has two dolls houses, and places two dolls in one house saying,
V " these are not only twins but heavenly twins."
CW " heavenly twins!!"
The dolls are angels in design with little halos on their heads.
Verdanti opens dolls house to show twin dolls have disappeared, and reappeared in other house. Catweazle spies Verdanti's suitcase on ground, open containing more of the dolls, he shows them to the kids revealing Verdanti uses multiple dolls, the kids laugh, Verdanti agitated, gives a weak laugh.

Verdanti picks up box containing Percy the rabbit, Catweazle grimaces, he knows what's coming. Verdanti opens box and shows everyone the box is empty.
V " now let's bring Percy my rabbit out"
Verdanti puts hand in box and pulls out nothing,
V " you can't see Percy because he's what?"
Kids " invisible "
V " that's correct, now I'll put him back in, say the magic words Abracadabra and here he is."
Verdanti pulls out a bunch of bananas, Verdanti looks flustered. Cedric realises that Catweazle has done this, he opens his " present", the box left in hall and pulls out Percy.
Cd " is this Percy?"
The kids applaud. Verdanti again flustered carries on ,
V " er yes well Percy does get everywhere".
Verdanti pushes metal magic cabinet to front of audience.
V " now my assistant will climb into this perfectly ordinary box"
Catweazle climbs into box,
V" he will now crouch down inside, ( to CW) crouch down."
Catweazle crouching inside metal box,
V " I will now secure top enclosing my assistant inside."
Verdanti closes top, Catweazle's head sticking out of top of box.
V" very few men have been able to withstand the swords of sheherazade."
Verdanti picks up two swords rattling them against each other,
V " I will now pass no fewer than eight swords into the cabinet and through the body of my assistant."
Catweazle whimpers terrified, Verdanti leans over box and whispers,
V" don't overdo it, old ham."
Verdanti puts the first sword in, Catweazle gets to his feet, still encased in the box,
Catweazle runs off across the lawn, Verdanti in pursuit brandishing sword.
V" come back!"
The kids all laugh as does Dotty and even Cedric sort of smiles.
LyC " no wonder he was such a success at the Sunday school party."

At Duck Halt Cedric using a saw cuts Catweazle out of box. Catweazle climbs out, holding two twin dolls.
CW " I thank thee, see I have found the heavenly twins"
Cd" hmmm, thought that was what you were after, I expect he has others, poor old Verdanti."
CW " he sought to kill me"
Cd " I don't blame him, you ruined his act."
Catweazle sees Cedric has brought the magic book belonging to his great grandfather found in the secret chamber in King's Farthing.
CW " my magic book, I thank thee, and my magic red bubble."
A red balloon floats in the air, Catweazle stares at it in awe,
CW " tis a wonder"
He picks up lighted candle to get a better look.
Cd " be careful !"
With a bang the balloon bursts as the flame touches it.
CW " tis gone!"
Cedric picks up remains of it,
Cd " here it is "
CW " trick me not Owlface, where is my magic bubble?"
Before Catweazle's astonished face Cedric blows him up another red balloon.
CW "I thank thee my brother."
Cd " you made my party, thanks for coming."
Cedric leaves, Catweazle turns to Touchwood,
CW " Touchwood, tis a good youth, and see my magic bubble, it flies"
Catweazle releases balloon, and it slowly drops to the floor.
CW " ill favoured Owlface! NOTHING WORKS!"

Cedric......Gary Warren
Catweazle......Geoffrey Bayldon
Dotty.......Elspet Gray
Groome.....Peter Butterworth
Verdanti.....Paul Eddington

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