Information The Hitchhiker (Deadly Nightmares) (1989 - 1991)

High Plains Drifter

The Drifter
Does anyone know where I can get all the seasons for this series? I loved the show! I remember it the opener of it, with that weird music. I can not find it online to stream, rent, or buy the entire series. There were so many shows there were ones with Bill Paxton, Brad Dourif, Shannon Tweed, etc. It was like watching, and show like Tales from the Crypt, Twilight Zone, and Outer Limits. Sadly the show has only been released up till season two, and those dvds don't have the whole seasons. I have been on the hunt trying to find the entire series whether on VHS/Dvd. I'm always looking for sites where I can buy it, sadly still haven't found it yet. :( This is what I miss about IMDB boards I use to ask about old shows and movies, and sometimes I got lucky. I have a few old vhs tapes that people sent me some old TNT original movies, Lifetime, and USA network movies that still are not on dvd today.