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    Spoilers Series 12

    Previous villainous acting (playing someone called "DAVOS".......
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    Review Batman (1989)

    The Batman Experience - Restoring the 1989 Batsuit
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    Spoilers Series 12

    From that same article......
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    Review Modern Doctor Who

    What would he have made of it all? I guess the nearest we will ever get are the following quotes from people who knew him, taken from the JNT biography by Richard Marson...... JNT ON THE 1996 TV MOVIE: "He'd managed to get hold of a preview copy of the film. He hated the story and, more...
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    Spoilers Series 12

    SPECULATION ZONE: Could the rumours that he is the next Master, that are currently swirling around, be a smokescreen - and he is actually the next Doctor?
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    Spoilers Series 12

    It's not the first we have heard of him in relation to DOCTOR WHO either..... This from 2017, just before Jodie was cast..... Sacha Dhawan would "absolutely love" to be the new Doctor Who lead, but thinks it...
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    Spoilers Series 12

    The new Master, apparently..........
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    News Toy Story 4 (2019)

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    News Batwoman (2019)

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    News Bollywood Rambo (2020)

    Release Date: 2 October 2020 (India) .
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    Review The Missing Episodes

    Some nice ongoing reconstructions of THE DALEKS' MASTER PLAN....... .
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    Review Logopolis (1981)