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    News Lovecraft Country (2020)

    New trailer just dropped.......
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    News Zack Snyder’s Justice League (2021)
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    News Coronavirus vs. TV & Film Production
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    Poll Going Back to the Cinema, Post-Lockdown
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    News Tenet (2020)
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    Review Your Reviews of Films That Have Never Existed

    The Eyebrow (1972) Almost certainly the strangest horror movie I have ever seen - and one that gets overlooked far too often. Ralph Meeker is a mild mannered Victorian shop assistant, but he is haunted by a Gypsy's warning to "Beware the eyebrow". The fact that the old dear promptly expires...
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    Review Looney Tunes
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    Review Batwoman (2019)
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    Review Never Say Never Again (1983)

    Barbara Carrera on "Never Say Never Again"
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    Review Casino Royale (1967)

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    Review The Black Cauldron (1985)

    The Black Cauldron - Disney's Halloween Masterpiece
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    Review Treasure Planet (2002)

    Treasure Planet - Disney's Biggest Mistake
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    Review Bambi (1942)

    I preferred the sequel........
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    Review Battle of Britain (1969)

    Must admit, remember this album when growing up. But am not sure if I have ever seen the movie...... Great/Big war movie themes. Battle of Britain theme. Geoff Love
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    Review Battle of Britain (1969)

    Looks like the above remake not so much fizzled out as never fizzled in in the first place.. Meanwhile here's the original.......