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  1. High Plains Drifter

    Review 1941 (1979)

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  2. High Plains Drifter

    Review The Last Unicorn (1982)

    Great story, loved the book and the movie wasn't to bad.
  3. Doctor Omega

    Review The Passage (1979)

    Your thoughts on this movie..... During WW 2, a Basque shepherd is approached by the underground, who wants him to lead a scientist and his family across the Pyrenees. While being pursued by a sadistic German.
  4. Doctor Omega

    Review The Man With the Golden Gun (1974)

    Your thoughts on this movie..... James Bond is led to believe that he is targeted by the world's most expensive assassin while he attempts to recover sensitive solar cell technology that is being sold to the highest bidder. And the theme song..... On to the next movie..... THE...
  5. Doctor Omega

    Review The House That Dripped Blood (1971)

    Your thoughts on this movie...... An anthology of four horror stories revolving around a mysterious rental house in the U.K.
  6. Doctor Omega

    Review Dr Terror's House of Horrors (1965)

    Dr Terror's House of Horrors is a 1965 British horror film from Amicus Productions, directed by veteran horror director Freddie Francis, written by Milton Subotsky, and starring Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee. It was the first in a series of anthology films from Amicus and was followed by...
  7. chainsaw_metal1

    Review The Mummy (1959)

    After the Universal mummies dried up and before Brendan Fraser battled CGI sandstorms, Christopher Lee was a new version of Kharis, who was another bandage wrapped monster with lust on his dusty mind. Is it as good as the Universal films? Better? Worse? Is there anything the 1999 version...
  8. Doctor Omega

    Review The Curse of Frankenstein (1957)

    The Curse of Frankenstein is a 1957 British horror film by Hammer Film Productions, loosely based on the novel Frankenstein (1818) by Mary Shelley.[5] It was Hammer's first colour horror film, and the first of their Frankenstein series.[6] Its worldwide success led to several sequels, and the...
  9. Doctor Omega

    Review (Horror of) Dracula (1958)

    Dracula is a 1958 British horror film directed by Terence Fisher and written by Jimmy Sangster based on Bram Stoker's novel of the same name. The first in the series of Hammer Horror films starring Christopher Lee as Count Dracula, this original also features Peter Cushing as Doctor Van Helsing...