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Whether you have been a theatre actor, a film crowd extra or something more substantial, please share your anecdotes and experiences here......

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An interesting question from IMDb.

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In my day job, I work in a factor[y] and there was a freak accident where one of the machine's malfunctioned. Long story short, a large piece of metal tore my face, and I think I am going to have a significantly large scar. I don't want it to affect a film project I am currently acting in, as well as it have it be the reasons I don't get other future parts, later on.

So I was thinking I would learn to do make up so that when after the wound has healed, I can hopefully, expertly apply make up to cover it, so it won't be a problem, when coming back. What do you think? Is learning make up with or for that, or do you think it would be a problem, even so?
Yikes! That sucks. Things like this can have an effect on your career. The late Richard Lynch ended up with a scar on his nose, and his subsequent career was mostly spent in villain roles.

Here's a very informative answer to Ryno's question:

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I was in an accident a little over six years ago and ended up in the ER with a total of 11 stitches in my face -- 9 along my cheek and 2 in the lower eyelid. I also had multiple bruises, scrapes, and was told that I was lucky I didn't break my orbital bone. I suspect I may have slightly tweaked my nose, because it has looked a little bit different ever since.

Anyway, as soon as the stitches were out, I started applying 100% vitamin E oil at least twice a day, everyday. This helped a lot, and now, many years later, I still have a scar but it's barely visible and the skin texture is much smoother. I think it's a good idea to learn how to do your own makeup anyway -- I have skin that's far paler than most, so I learned to do my own makeup and find the proper products -- but a good MUA will know how to help you out. When my scar was still healing, I bought a tattoo concealer, which covered things almost entirely, but you can find many full coverage concealers specifically meant for film/theatre.

I hope that helps a bit! If you want to learn makeup, it's pretty easy these days because there are tons of tutorials on Youtube.

Why don't you take a pill, bake a cake, go read the encyclopaedia.
Just thought I'd share it with you.

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I played Moses the Raven in a theatre production of ANIMAL FARM - the Orwell one, thankfully - and fell off a wooden gate during rehearsals, landing my foot in a trough and twisting my ankle like Susan Foreman, whereupon had to go to hospital to get it looked at.

I returned with a bandaged foot, whereupon the rest of the animals fell about laughing at me bravely continuing to hobble my way through rehearsals.

I also appeared in a stage version of OF MICE AND MEN (playing Slim, the foreman of the farm), and one of the old - frankly permanently sozzled - actors in it claimed that he owned the actual umbrella used by Doctor Crippen's wife in her stage act.

All a bit random, I know....