Catweazle s01e08 - The Power Of Adamcos( scene by scene )


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Catweazle is in the woods, crouching down sharpening his knife Adamcos on a stone,satisfied he stands.
CW " now Adamcos even thistledown will fall to thy blade."
He puts blade back in its sheath around his neck. Then picks up a telephone receiver he acquired recently at the local vicarage (ep 7), he cut the cable not of course understanding how it works.
CW " oh great Mother Tannit, I invoke thee, come magic telling bone summon the voices"
He puts receiver up to ear.
CW " are you there spirits, are you there. Nothing works.....spirits I charge thee, speak to Catweazle Master of the secret path."
Suddenly he hears a male voice,
Voice "thou shall die Norman dog."
Catweazle spins round, the voice is coming from a little way away in the woods.
He runs and stops in amazement , two armoured soldiers are sword fighting, an ancient Brit and a Norman. Catweazle flees in terror, not noticing Adamcos has fallen from his neck.
The soldiers stop,
Andrew, " easy Fred you almost had my fingers then."
F " I'm sorry."
A few yards behind them is Hexwood farmhand Sam at his vintage car.
S " stop fooling around, come over here and give us a hand."
A " what's wrong then?"
S " can't work it out"
F " we're going to be late for the rehearsal."
Catweazle has arrived back in the clearing where his water tank home Castle Saburac is located.
CW (anguished) " my brain burns! Where am I? The past and present are one "
Andrew is using the crank handle trying to get Sam's vintage car going,
S " no I reckon she's had it."
A " what are we going to do?"
S " walk I suppose."
A " what! Five miles!"

Carrot arrives at Castle Saburac and sees Catweazle climbing down into it.
Catweazle inside takes telephone receiver from robe pocket,
CW " cursed telling bone thou has brought Normans to torment me."
He throws receiver away in disgust, then hears Carrot climbing up ladder,
CW " someone comes, tis the boy, hurry Nettleface lest the Normans see thee "
Carrot is puzzled as he climbs into tank.
C" what d'you say?"
CW " they are all around us "
C " who are?"
CW " the Normans, thy telling bone has conjured them."
C " don't start that again, listen Catweazle for once and for all, you're in the 20th century."
CW " but I saw Normans I swear it."
C " you couldn't have"
CW " I swear it by Adamcos."
Catweazle reaches for his knife, but it's gone. He wails and simpers,
C " what's wrong?"
CW " Adamcos it's gone!!"
C " you probably dropped it somewhere."
CW ( anguished) "does thou not know, does thou not understand, without Adamcos I shall die!"
C " what?!"
CW " it holds the power of life, already my blood turns cold."
C" that's because you haven't enough on."
CW " by sunset I shall be no more."
C "never heard anything so daft. Where did you have it last?"
CW " where I saw Normans."
C " alright c'mon let's go and find it."
CW " what about the Normans?"
C " if you say that word once more I'll crown you."
CW ( amused) " crown me?"
Carrot climbs up ladder to hatch,
C "come on."
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Sam and his mates have given up on the car.
S " let's get her off the road, c'mon push."

Carrot and Catweazle are searching the woods where Catweazle thinks he dropped Adamcos.
C " sure it's here?"
CW " aye brother."
They hear voices and run towards them, and see Sam and mates pushing car.
C" they're not Normans, can't you see, look it's Sam. They're rehearsing for the show."
CW " show?"
C" Westbourne Through The Ages, it's an historical pageant, they do it every year for the hospital. Dad's on the committee and..."
Carrot suddenly sees Adamcos lying on the grass, they move towards it, but then see George Bennett, Carrot's dad walking on the path towards them, they hide behind bushes.
George stops, sees knife and picks it up and heads towards Sam.
CW " Adamcos, I shall die."
C " sssshhhh"
CW " I'm cold, I am undone."
Sam sees George,
S "hello Boss."
G " I thought it was you, what's the trouble?"
S " she's packed up altogether, don't know what's the matter with her."
G " died of old age probably."
Andrew and Frank giggle,
G " you better walk back to the farm with me and I'll run you into Westbourne."
S " thanks very much."
G " Carrot's supposed to go and number all the seats. You haven't seen him I suppose?"
S " no I haven't."
George takes Adamcos out of his pocket,
G " oh does this belong to any of you?"
S " not mine."
G " I found it on the path, wonder how it got there. Funny looking thing, you know that might be quite valuable."

Carrot and Catweazle come out of the bushes and quietly follow everyone back to the farm.
At the farm yard Sam, Andrew and Frank all in Norman armour get in the jeep. George quickly goes into the house.
Carrot and Catweazle hide behind barn,
C " soon as they've gone we'll pop in and get it, said it'll be easy."

George comes out,
G " well he's not in the house, never known such a boy for disappearing."
S " he might be already there."
G " that'll be too much to hope for."
George gets behind wheel, and the jeep drives off.
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Carrot and Catweazle run into house into kitchen. Catweazle looks in sink.
C " it won't be there"
They go into sitting room and start searching, on the mantelpiece, on the settee, Carrot runs out into hall.
Catweazle takes Touchwood out of his pocket.
images (1).jpeg
CW "come Touchwood lead me to Adamcos."
Catweazle turns in a circle , suddenly Touchwood starts croaking,
CW " ah, thou noble beast."
More croaking, and it's getting louder as Catweazle moved towards sideboard, and louder still as Catweazle reaches sideboard. On top of sideboard is an ornament, a bronze toad!
CW " thou lovesick loon!"
Carrot comes back in,
C" no its nowhere out there."
Catweazle falls to his knees,
CW "oh what is to become of me"
C " don't start that again, you only think you're ill."
CW " maggot!"
C " there's nothing wrong with you, GET UP!"
CW " already my blood turns to ice."
C" have some brandy."
Carrot gets a bottle out of cupboard and pours a full glass for Catweazle.
CW " tis a magic potion?"
C " oh yes...drink it down fast, it'll warm you up"
Catweazle downs it, then grasps his neck,
CW " aaarrghhh.....ooohhh.."
C " don't make such a fuss."
C " told you it'd do the trick."
CW " thou white legged worm"
C " that's more like it "
CW " bow legged beetle."
C " anything else?"
CW " thou trash mongering double tongued swaggering hoofsnuff "
C( laughing) " ten out of ten, feeling better now?"
Catweazle still anguished,
CW " where is Adamcos?"
C " wish I knew"
CW " I am doomed."
C" have some more brandy."
CW " you are a demon sent from hell to plague me"
C ( a bit hurt) " no I'm not, look can't you see I'm only trying to help you. Can't you see that?"
Catweazle acknowledges it with a nod,
C " we'll get Adamcos back I promise."
CW " before sunset?"
C " oh where's he put it? C'mon Catweazle you're meant to be the magician."
CW " I know not"
C " maybe we're wasting our time."
CW " what sayest thou?
C " maybe it isn't here at all."
C "perhaps Dad's taken it with him to Westbourne."
CW " then we must follow him."
C " but he wouldn't do that unless...."
CW " unless?"
C " unless he's going to sell it!"

In Westbourne George has arrived at Leslie Milton antiques shop. As George enters Milton is on phone, he is responsible for the costumes for the pageant.
M ( phone) " no love, I'm in a terrible tizz, it's the dress rehearsal for Robin......Hood you fool, look I can't sit here chatting any longer I'll see you next Tuesday, bye"
Milton can be described as " artistic", "flowery" or in other words effeminate.
M ( to George) " and I said last year I'd never do it again. 45 costumes Mr Bennett, well it's ludicrous isn't it. Have you been up there yet?"
G " just dropped Sam and the others, I must say it looks pretty chaotic, but I'm sure they'll sort it out eventually. How are you getting on?"
M " I finished the last one at 3 o'clock this morning, except for bits and bobs and poppers...I'm dead."
Milton picks up a costume, a dress and holds it against George's front.
M " hold this a sec"
There's a free standing wooden framed mirror in the shop, they both look at George's reflection, holding the dress.
M " what d'you think?"
G " who's this for?"
M " Mrs Thomas....Maid Marion, she's got a nerve, she had 8 fittings, I thought I'd go berserk."

G " Sam is wearing his already."
M " well I told the soldiers to come dressed, I mean 30 men dressing in that tent would be like the black hole of Calcutta."
G " very wise"
M ( laughing) " hey, do you remember last year, Carmen, I didn't know where to look."
George laughs and brings out of his pocket Adamcos.
G " got something to show you"
M " oh yes, where d'you get that?"
G " found it, is it worth anything d'you think?"
M " I wouldn't know, I'm more China and glass, shouldn't think so, why d'you want to sell it?"
G " you can have it"
M "oh how kind"
G " it's just that I wouldn't want Carrot to get hold of a thing like that."
M " oh, I've still got that decanter you wanted"
G " well I can't really afford it right now."
M " never mind , ( points) I'll keep it hidden behind Sarah Bernhardt"#
Milton is pointing to an Egyptian sarcophagus standing upright in the shop.
M " bought it in a moment of madness, never be able to get rid of it, gives me the creeps."
The phone rings,
M " yes....I sent one lot up an hour Friar Tuck's got his own sandals...yes as soon as I can, bye. Are you busy Mr B?"
G " well I...."
M " be ever so grateful if you could give me a hand packing these."
There's a huge pile of costumes ready to go into wicker baskets, George starts putting them in.
# Sarah Bernhardt- I didn't get that either, info on who she was click below;
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Carrot and Catweazle after failing to get a lift in a car, Catweazle standing with Carrot thumbing a lift put drivers off, the two slowly walk down a country lane towards Westbourne.
C" Dad must have taken it there, Mr Milton is the antique dealer, it's the obvious place"
CW " I die if we find it not."
C " I'll never forgive you if you do."

Back at the shop, another basket ready full of costumes.
M "there, that's another one ready to go."
G ( checking watch) " so must I "
M " oo, I'm awful aren't I, have I held you up?"
G " no, but I think I better get back to see if the Chairman's arrived, cheerio Leslie "
M " cheerio Mr B, thanks for the old dagger."
George leaves, Milton a puzzled look as he scans shop,
M " now where did I put that wimple?"

George drives off and Catweazle and Carrot watch him go then walk to shop door, and see a " closed" sign.
C " it's closed."
CW " Adamcos lies within?"
C " if Dad's sold it , it must be"
CW ( points at sign) " tis a spell?"
C " no it just means that we can't get in."
CW " mayhap a word of power?"
C " what we need is a key."
CW ( raises arms) " o door, yield unto me"
C ( laughing) " fine burglar you'd make."
CW " taunt me not Nettleface."
C " look Catweazle don't you understand....."
Carrot leans on door, it opens,
C " how did you do that!?"
Catweazle just grins, they enter shop.
C " now whatever you do, keep quiet."
Catweazle follows Carrot into shop full of antiques and other oddments, he is alarmed at seeing a large stuffed Heron, he backs away and almost knocks a vase over.
C " don't break anything"
Footsteps are heard, Carrot quickly hides Catweazle, has him crouching down behind one of the wicker baskets.
Mr Milton comes in from back room, clutching a ledger to his chest.
M " hello there Carrot."
C " hello Mr Milton."
M " you just missed your Dad."
C " I thought you were closed."
M " I put the sign up to discourage customers, I've been so busy with all this you see. Would you like to help?"
C " er yes"
M " ever so grateful if you could stay and mind the phone. I've got one go out and get a few bits "
C " yes I'd be glad to."
M " thanks ever so much, back soon."
Milton leaves shop, now carries his ledger under arm, revealing Adamcos, around his neck.

Catweazle comes put of hiding,
CW " where is Adamcos?"
C " give us a chance"
Catweazle suddenly sees himself in mirror ,
CW" my death draweth near, see"
C" no you fool, it's you, it's a mirror."
CW " I?"
Catweazle studies his reflection, curious, touches mirror, pulls a face, looks behind mirror puzzled, he can't understand it, then drops to his knees.
C " what's the matter?"
CW " I tell you there's ice in my bones"
C" don't be beaten, we've hours to find Adamcos."
Carrot picks up a white onesie type undergarment on sale here,
C" here, this will take the ice out of your bones."
CW " aaarrghhh, a skin man"
C " what, with buttons? It's okay Mr Milton won't mind, I'll pay for it later."
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Sam and George arrive back at the shop, jeep parked outside shop.

Inside Catweazle is in his onesie staring at the mirror. Carrot sees the others coming in and quickly opens an empty basket.
C " get in quick"
Catweazle climbs in as George and Sam enter,
G " there you are"
S " hello Carrot"
C " Dad , Sam"
G " weren't you supposed to be numbering all the seats?"
C " I'm minding the phone for Mr Milton"
G " well where's he gone? They're screaming for the rest of the costumes"
Sam tries to pick up the basket with Catweazle inside it.
S " I think they got suits of armour in this one"
George points to another basket,
G " yes, well let's get this one out of the way first."
S " right"
They lift the basket and carry it out to vehicle.
Carrot opens basket,
C " out you come "
CW " nay"
C " you've got to, they'll be back in a second they'll take this."
CW " I care not"
C " well I do"
Carrot heaves him out,
CW " where is Adamcos?"
Carrot opens the sarcophagus and pushes Catweazle inside, as George and Sam return. Sam goes over to the basket Catweazle just got out of expecting it to be heavy.
S " ready boss?"
G " yes, ....lift"
The basket, light as anything almost hurtles out of their hands.
George opens it,
G " it's empty!"
S " b..b..but"
George points to one remaining basket,
G " just this one then."
Sam still puzzled at what just happened picks up his end and they carry it out.
G " now when Mr Milton gets back Carrot you come over to Westbourne House."
C " yes Dad."
After they've gone Carrot goes up to Sarcophagus,

C " you can come out now"
CW ( faint from inside) " I can't"
C " well push you idiot "
CW " I am pushing."
C " you have to speak up"
CW " I'm pushing Nettleface, it will not open"
C" hang on"
CW " it will not open bugweed"
Catweazle pushes more and the whole sarcophagus topples over onto its back.
At that point Mr Milton comes back in
M " what's been happening?"
Carrot sees what's around his neck,
M " come again?"
Behind Carrot the sarcophagus lid opens with a creak, Catweazle steps out in his white onesie like a mummy, Milton faints.
Carrot takes Adamcos from around his neck as he lies on shop floor.
Catweazle collects his robe and runs out into street. Milton comes round,
M " did you see it?"
C " what?"
M " the thing, the thing from the tomb"
C " I think you've been overworking Mr Milton."
Milton stares shocked but otherwise okay.

Back at Castle Saburac Catweazle and Carrot by a fire as night falls.
CW " I do thank thee my brother"
C " that's alright I said we'd get it back."
CW " nay it is not Adamcos I thank thee for, but my new raiment ,"
C " well I said you needed something warm."
CW " truly thy are my brother in magic"
C ( gushing) " ah..shut up, have a banana."
Carrot takes two bananas out of his pocket and hands one to Catweazle, merrily they eat.

Catweazle.....Geoffrey Bayldon
Carrot.....Robin Davies
George......Bud Tingwell
Sam.....Neil McCarthy
Milton.....Aubrey Morris

Next episode;
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