Review Do you get upset with Politics in Award speeches?


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NO, some of these poor DELUDED actors/actresses think that people actually care what they think about politics, we watch the movies etc. to be entertained, I don't give half of one shit what they think about politics. Matter of fact, I no longer will even go to some of their movies. If I was an actor, I would keep my political views to myself, why alienate half of your potential audience, BIG mistake AND the smart ones keep their views to themselves, to them, I say thanks for that.


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Yes, I get upset with the ranting of these delusional "stars". They do not live in the real world. They have no idea of what a regular everyday Joe does to survive. Just go online and do a ?????.networth on any of them.
I have a few favs, but my God these people will never live long enough to blow thru their networth.
What problems could they possibly have?
At these award shows they are there to get said award, thank the universe and leave. Period!!!!


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I have no problem whatsoever. I'm certain that it has more to do with the fact that most of Hollywood is politically in line with my own ideologies. But even if someone got up and presented an argument that I disagreed with, I'd still accept it, because they have the right to their opinion.

My son got a laugh out of me during the recent Grammys. Chance the Rapper went overboard thanking god for his award, and I immediately started in on the commentary. "Thank you god for ignoring the starving children and kids with AIDS in Africa, and instead making sure I got this award." I'm kind of an ass, but he got a kick out of me.


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That's why hosts like Ricky Gervais are so appealing to me. If the deluded Hollywood stars are gonna talk utter gash then at least have a host who will point out how fucking ludicrous and out of touch these people are -- give the audience at home something to laugh at.

I like his Roman Polanski joke for example (4:30) . Streep can be appalled by Trump but apparently can happily stand and applaud a man who fucked a 13 year old child. Good work Meryl.

I also love the dig at Jennifer Lawrence.

"Jennifer Lawrence made the news when she demanded equal pay for women in Hollywood. She received overwhelming support from people everywhere. There were marches on the street with nurses and factory workers saying... how the hell can a 25 year old live on 52 million?"



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I don't get upset, but I do turn the channel. That's not why I watch. Anyone who cares about politics already knows what's going on and would probably appreciate a break in the non-stop griping.