Review Eerie (2018)-A Breakthrough in Philippine Cinema


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Notice I used breakthrough in Philippine Cinema. The formula used by Mikhail Red (who is very young and promising at 28/29-ish btw), is something I’ve seen before in some other movies (not Asian coincidentally). But he delivered.

The first scenes were a huge turn-off. Because of course, one girl has to go to the comfort room ALONE. Then for some reason (probably had a black out OF ALL DAYS), its dark. Because it has to. And the windows HAVE to be opened so the curtains will fly and make room for a windy atmosphere. mjeyds.gif Why oh why can’t horror take place in a well-illuminated place???? With a lot of people. At daytime. Haha! At some point, dark atmosphere works against the essence of the film because I can’t see the ghost anymore hehe.

Another huge turn off: the overused scene of one picking up a pen that has fallen on the floor then seeing feet on the other side of the table. Ugh.

A lot of decent jumpscares here. Decent sound effects too. Again, I applaud Mikhail for setting the bar high.

We’ve seen this all before. The story. The style used by the director. BUT what I find in this movie being a breakthrough is it does create an eerie atmosphere, showing that Philippine horror has evolved. Of course, gone were the days of long-haired, pale-skinned ghosts crawling out of the TV. Its time to open the floodgates for themes that may well come under sacrilege, in a country of Catholics. Though, to be fair, there’s no sacrilege here as the only religious element involved is the fact that the school is run by nuns and one of the main (mysterious) characters is a nun. One thing why this movie also did well in the box office and in the critics is for the longest time since Seklusyon (I think), a horror film, that could actually be called a decent horror film, was offered to the masses. Because you know what sells so much like hotcakes here? Infidelity stories!!! Yeah man, who wants to solve the mystery of the crying lady in the CR anyway when its so much fun seeing the wife pull the mistress by the hair??

Pat (Bea Alonzo) is a guidance counselor at Sta. Lucia Academy, an all-girls school ran by nuns. The atmosphere becomes weird when a student, Erika, commits suicide. Pat encounters visions of Erika and talks to her. Soon, another girl gets killed by the school caretaker. Pat tries to solve the mystery behind the killings in the school (and the role that the school’s head, Sister Alice (Charo Santos has to play), including that of another girl who tries to commit suicide. Everything is not new to the eyes. The ending part was well-made, no mind-bending twists here. The movie was consistent from start to finish. The title befits the whole film, its not scary. It is Eerie.

Now what is truly remarkable about this is the promise of potential from the director, Mikhail Red (known for Birdshot). Note that he is only 28 or 29…And seeing Eerie, I would’ve thought this was made by an old-timer. The young man knows what he’s doing.


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I didn't read your review (yet) but I've been looking forward to this, and I think it's coming soon to accessible streaming services here. I've also been waiting for Neomanila to appear - though maybe that one got crowded out of the market by Ma' Rosa and BuyBust, never to surface. Oh well.