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High Plains Drifter

The Drifter
Few days ago I was/still helping get my grandpa's estate ready for a estate sale. I found in some old papers my grandma had cut out of the local paper the article about Elvis's death. This took me back, my mom's mom was a huge EP fan, my dad's mom must have been a closet fan EP fan. Maybe my grandpa didn't want her liking his music, movies, and specials? I was going to take the article home for keeps, but left it over there. I come back the next day looking for it, and my aunt, said she took it and many other papers to the burn pit. Yep, my cold hearted aunt burned it! Sad day for me. I wanted to keep that bit of history.

Doctor Omega

Elvis Press interview - The King shows his sense of humor

Elvis is asked some awkward questions about the Vietnam war. He reflects on the "image" of Elvis and real life. He turns the interview around with some funny observations.


Doctor Omega

It's on the internet.

It must be true.

Is This Video Of Elvis At Graceland On What Would Have Been His 82nd Birthday?