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What an excellent day for an exorcism
Its going to be a difficult game for them tonight

On a happier note, good game by Juve last night.


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Chelsea 4 - 2 Tottenham

Possibly the best game of the season. Great to watch. Let's hope tomorrow's semi is just as good.


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Yup, Mourinho probably happy with a point though.

United have some tricky away fixtures. They'll need to grind out similar results and win their two home games.

Man United V Swansea
Arsenal V Man United
Tottenham V Man United
Southampton V Man United
Man United
V Crystal Palace


What an excellent day for an exorcism
Its really been the Ronaldo show in the knock out fase. Atletico played very weak.

Tomorrow is a busy football day, first Ajax/Lyon and then Monaco/Juve.


What an excellent day for an exorcism
Ajax did well, they won 4-1 against Lyon. Too bad about that goal against and Ajax could have scored more.


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I literally can't remember a time when Arsene Wenger wasn't the coach of Arsenal (I was like 4-5 when he was hired), so it will be a profoundly strange feeling the second he quits. In a football landscape where all the top-flight clubs fire coaches continously, and sometimes haphazardly, Arsenal stands out from the crowd. So, the concept of a long-term coach in itself is romantic and compelling to me.

The problem is that you need the consistency of someone like Guy Roux or Sir Alex Ferguson to pull it off successfully, and Wenger isn't up to that level. Well, technically, always qualifying to CL is a form of consistency, but their fans have higher ambitions than that.

Kind of a "left-field" suggestion, but I would love to see Frank Rijkaard (retired) making a comeback as a coach. I liked the job he did at Barca, and he would be able to implement the same technical style of play that Arsenal has during the last 20 years or so.
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What an excellent day for an exorcism
That was an exciting match, too exciting.
Man United vs Ajax, its going to be a great final.


What an excellent day for an exorcism
Well, that sucks, Ajax lost.
Its a good thing I like Man United, or else it would have really sucked.


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Six or seven weeks until the new season and longer until transfer window ends, but I'm prepared to make a fool of myself with next season Premier League placings predictions.
1. Man C.
2. Man. U.
3. Chelsea
4. Arsenal
9. C. Palace
10. West Brom
11. Swansea
12. Newcastle
13. West Ham
14. Southampton
15. Stoke C.
16. Bournemouth
17. Watford
18. Brighton
19. Burnley
20. Huddersfield
The top seven is fairly static, it's just a question of the order.
Below that I feel managerial skill will propel Palace and Swansea and save Watford.
Ianacho signing for Leicester is interesting if it goes through.
Worried though about my team, COME ON SPURS SIGN SOMEONE!


What an excellent day for an exorcism
That is an early prediction.
I do believe Man United will be more competitive.
I hope Koeman's Everton can do some nice things. Can't wait to see how Davy Klaassen is going to perform there.