Review Fortnite (2018)

High Plains Drifter

The Drifter
I found about this game on Xbox. You can play it for free, or buy a $10.00 Battle Pass or 900 V coins. If you play for free you have to spend many hours grinding it out. You will be rewarded but not as much as all the perks on the Battle Pass. The both give you free dances, gliders, artwork, pickaxes, flying streamers, & a few skins. Either one gives you free 100 coins here and there. They both give the same perks, but the pass is better in case of rewards. The pass helps out with giving you more exp boosts.

There is no tutorial on this game you just jump from a raving party bus, and play hide, seek, and don't die. It does not matter how much bling you have since it does not change anything. You have 100 health, 100 shield if you eat the blue mushrooms, drink the juices, or the blue chug health/armor drink. Everyone is on a equal playing ground in this game.

It is a fun game to play, and build. I really like the 50 vs 50 fights since it seems faster to build up doing this. Plus the big fights more people can help heal you.

Fun cross playing with other players on PC, Xbox, or Nintendo Switch.
Goofing off during game play
Exploring some of the areas is fun
First time you get a kill its a blast.
Cart jumping of a mountain is crazy.

Kids on the mics or any mic set.
Better players jumping around avoiding being shot.
Grey guns are the worst gold is the best.
You will find more blue, green, and a few purple guns around.
You only have 5 squares to put what you in your inventory.
Playstation has no cross play
Building is a pain to figure out
Sounds like running and collecting give you away.