Information How To Turn Your Old Stereo Into a Sound Bar.

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    I wanted to share a old stereo trick with you. The trick I'm going to share with you is just a old NES trick we use to us here years ago. Back in the day, we use to hook our gaming systems into the VCR. We had a stereo rigged to the VCR, with some really big speakers. The house would shake with game play and movies. We were running surround sound before sound bars became a big thing. This trick works on Vhs players with tuners in them for the old game platforms.

    My dad ran the Audio/Video plugs from the Vhs into our old record/8 track player stereo.

    How it worked was pretty simple you take the Red and White plugs (audio/video).
    Plug them going from Out to In on the back of the stereo, and vcr.
    In order for this to work the stereo must be turned on when your watching tv, or movies.
    The stereo also had a Aux button on it, and that's how the sound worked.

    Again, this was a Soundesign PLL AM-FM Stereo Receiver/Stereo Cassette/8 Track Recorder from the 70's my parents used till it died in 2001. This is how I learned about turning records and 8 tracks into cassettes. Basically, I was burning back before it had a name. :emoji_grin:

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