Review Koizora (2007)--Tsk.


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**There's quite some spoilers here because you know me, so be warned***

First off, I’m back to being a grumpy old man so pardon me if I sound mad all the time but why the hell do they like portraying so heavy life problems like miscarriage to actors who look like pre-pubescent teens?????? I’ve aired this out in my review of another film (I think it was Japanese as well, the title escapes me now) but why do they give these roles to actors/actresses who look like they still suck on their thumb while watching Barney???? I know Asian beauties maintain their youth, they really look young but you know what I’m getting at here. They lose the depth of the what-could’ve-been an excellent tearjerker!!!!! It makes the story a bit unrealistic. But oh well, its supposed to be a fanfiction.

Okay, the story is something that the young and young-at-heart would probably love. I know I’m a grumpy old man but I’m really a delicate flower inside.:emoji_cherry_blossom:

Mika is a high school student who fell in love with Hiro, a silver-haired cutesy boyband member-looking guy (hey I know I imagined marrying Son Goku if I see him in the flesh but wow man seeing a guy with Super Saiyan hair like that makes me question my life choices). We see scenes of usual young love only that they took it to a higher level—she gets pregnant. And loses the child. Then loses Goku.

She went thru a phase of trying to salvage the relationship, running after the guy. But then lost it so she cried while doing the walling slide of drama while saying “I’m not going to loooooooooove again!!!!!!!”. Cute guy named Yu enters the picture and gave her the moon and stars but because women can be dumb they still pine over someone who already rejected her so poor Yu was left alone. My heart ached during that scene because I gave you my world and offered you the sun and stars yet you still choose Goku!!!!! :emoji_crying_cat_face:Stringing him along but deep inside still loving her ex. Ouch. You’d think that’s enough heavy stuff? Well, Hiro gets cancer. So Mika stayed by his side until his last breath. Or maybe not really on his last breath. This is the scene where I cried. When Hiro was fighting for his life, but Mika was out. So his sister let her talk to him and she was shouting for his name on the phone calling him Hiro Hiro and he came back to life………….awww.. yipee.gif I hate it. Ugh. I hate it when I get teary-eyed because I know I was manipulated into crying and I gave in. Anyway.

Okay I know I wrote a very touching, thought-provoking, high-fallutin review but truth is, I really kinda liked the film. Its got clichés written all over it. The actors in the film were all weak. But I think the strength of the film is the story and the soundtrack. The director took cool shots too, mostly with nature involved. This is based on a source material but standing alone the film can be well understood.