Review Kolchak: The Night Stalker (1974)


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Strangely enough I caught the last hour of The Night Strangler on Talking Pictures TV last night with Richard Anderson as the murderer, Richard Malcolm! Odd that both Darren McGavin and Anderson were Steve Austin's bosses in The Six Million Dollar Man series!
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Doctor Omega

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I have now got the whole run of STARLOG, FANGORIA, BLAKE'S 7 MONTHLY and DWM, 2000AD, plus lots of other magazines and comics of yesteryear aplenty on dvd from E-Bay, so am planning to have lots of these vintage articles and interviews, etc, popping up on their appropriate threads, JB. :emoji_alien:

The only sad thing is that a lot of the interviewees are dead now, which also makes me feel very old. :emoji_head_bandage: