Review Lagaan: your thoughts? (India)

Discussion in 'Cinema: International' started by elanor, Mar 1, 2017.

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    OK, I start with an Indian film many people have seen: Lagaan

    English Trailer

    What did you like about this film? Music, colours, story, acting? Anything?

    I'm not very enchanted by this film, though it's possibly the best known Bollywood film in the West.

    I dislike the story, though it resonates with lots of people. I quite like underdog stories, where the underdogs get their comeuppance. But here the condition is that the extremely rich Indian raja won't do anything for his compatriots so that the English occupation forces can act the bad guy, which they were, no doubt. But IMO the rich raja should have been the first to help his people. And then I dislike the portrayal of the European woman who falls in love with the protagonist.

    OK, music is something I don't remember, though I like a lot Indian soundtracks. Acting is quit OK, but I never was a fan of Aamir Khan (plays the protagonist). I know that I have seen Lagaan quite a few times on TV, but it never resonated with me.

    So for me it's a well made film, but just not really touching. Ashutosh Gowariker is not my kind of director.
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    The movie is epic in Indian cinema and one of the great movie of Aamir Khan. The movie plot is based on the them of circket in colonial ear of India.

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