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Discussion in 'Music Awards' started by chainsaw_metal1, Feb 12, 2017.

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    Feb 5, 2017
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    Just a few thoughts about the night. Some might be unpopular, but I'm sure we can all agree to disagree on some issues, right? :)

    -Metallica with Lady Gaga! Best performance of the night! Amazing!
    -Adele was, as always, perfection. Even with her hiccup during the George Micheal tribute. And the fact that she won two awards that I was certain would be handed to Beyonce? Wonderful.
    -Also, Beyonce? What was that performance? I get what she was going for, but, um, just boring.
    -Remember when awards shows were about, oh, I don't know, awards? I love performances, but they skip a TON of awards during the televised show, and add a LOT of filler.
    -But as far as filler goes, I loved that James Corden was the host. I really dig that guy.
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  2. streak1981

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    Feb 7, 2017
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    I tend to stay away from awards shows in general, because in my opinion, it's nothing but a bunch of the same crap every year. & now that they've taken on a political tone, it's just tiresome.
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  3. Sunflower007

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    Feb 9, 2017
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    :confused:~ I saw it but miss the first 30 minutes of it. As for the performances I did luv seeing Adele, Morris Day, tribute of the Bee Gees and the ending with the memoriam of all we loss in 2016. As for the tribute that was made for Prince by Bruno Mars and Metallica & Lady Gaga wasn't quite so good. That's just my opinion.


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